One More Look at the Gelli Arts Printing Plate

July 5, 2013

130410_IFJM_RoseanneProfileDetailLeft: Another page from my 2013 fake journal in which I did a lot of work with the Gelli Arts Printing Plate.

To further support my demo June 26 I have been posting a couple pages from my 2013 fake Journal. You can see this complete journal and more info on my work with this tool at the Official International Fake Journal Blog.

I've only printed one page of each spread because this journal was too large for my scanner (about 9 x 12 inches) and I couldn't get a full page on the scanner, let along the full spread.

Next week I hope to post some of the stuff that I printed during the demo, but in the meantime I thought this image would reinforce the working method I discussed in Wednesday's post.

130410_IFJM_RoseanneProfileDetailLABELLeft: The same page showing callouts that are discussed in the text below.

To recap, work on the backgrounds in this journal were done in spare moments well in advance of any journaling on the page.

A: cleaning paint off a brayer I have craved a design into.

B: remnants of a blue Gelli Arts Printing Plate (GAPP) print. Here I'd used the plate as a stamp. You can see A is in two places, as it was all over the page and is only barely visible on the right, but on the left, in the face it is clearly visible. All this is one printing.

C: Collage scraps top and bottom of the page—painted paper that was printed on with the GAPP.

D: Sketch of a friend who has a really cool nose (and personality). The sketch was made directly onto the page with the Pentel Aquash Brush Pen with Light Black Pigmented ink. (Sorry they don't have a simple name for it.) I used a photograph as a reference and put the photo up on my computer screen and sat back and sketched from it—as I didn't want to use my breakfast meeting time with my friend to sketch. And frankly even this early in the month the book was getting too heavy and cumbersome to take out of the studio routinely.

E: Painted with acrylic paint, the same lavender from the carved brayer "cleaning," around the face image to help isolate it more clearly.

F: Stamping with an office stamp and then a message stamp.

G: Stenciling within the collar of her shirt with Brilliance Rubberstamp ink.

H: Red dot stamped (Brilliance again) and dated with red Montana acrylic marker.

Everything on this page was done up to item C, at least a week in advance. Then I sketched the face and did items E through H in one setting that lasted about 30 minutes.

If you like making textured pages I encourage you to check out the GAPP because it makes creating textures a fast and easy process.

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