A Couple More Prints Using the Gelli Arts Printing Plate

July 8, 2013

130626GelliBandsMain copyLeft: A multiple pass print on tan Strathmore paper. (Acrylic paints on the Gelli Arts Printing Plate.) 9 x 12 inches.

On June 26 part of my demo for printing with the Gelli Arts Printing Plate included showing how to overprint on prints you're not too thrilled with. You really can get some interesting layers.

This first image is an example of that over printing. I had some checkerboard stuff and some circle stuff going on in the bottom layers. I put strips of cardstock cut with a decorative scissors on a plate "inked" up with purple and blue paint. And pulled a print.

Then I removed the strips of cardstock and pulled a ghost print, which you see in the second image.

130626GelliBandsGhost copyLeft: 9 x 12 inch Japanese block printing paper. Ghost print made after the first image print.

When I've been home printing I've always cleaned the plate after each application of color. I would of course pull as many prints as possible, but then before doing a new design set up I would clean the plate.

Friends have been experimenting with letting paint sit on the plate to build up a patina (the older layers get somewhat reactivated and picked up by the fresh paint you put down). I decided it would be the perfect time to try it during a demo, so that we could all see the results together. In the second image you can clearly see the older paint from earlier prints coming through creating a very interesting texture. 

I like both of these prints from the evening very much and hope to use them in my journal or paint on them outside my journal.

I could see artists who do ATCs or make cards having a blast with this printing plate.

    • Linda
    • July 17, 2013

    Hi Roz, Are the gelli plates worth the cost? How much fun are you having
    Have a great day,

  1. Reply

    Linda, that’s a question I’m not sure how to answer because what cost each of us put on fun is different. And we all have different budgets and constraints on our time and money. Paper is probably the biggest part of my art budget. Would I forego a great deal of paper to get one of these? No.

    However if you compare apples to apples what you’re measuring is time costs in the following way. If you like to print and use gelatin plates you make yourself than you will have had times when these plates you made yourself have failed (I’ve had a lot of them fail). Often the fail just when you are getting in to your printing groove.

    Taken in that light there is no amount of cost I wouldn’t pay at that particular moment.

    Let’s say the gelatin plate didn’t fail (the one I made myself) I would still consider the $30 for the 8 x 10 plate (which is I think what I paid for mine) a fantastic price because 1. I don’t have to make a gelatin plate, 2 wait for it to set up, or 3. think ahead on all those things.

    All I have to do with the Gelli Arts Printing plate is sit here at my desk, finish my work, decide that I want to print tonight and GET IT OUT. I can be printing in under 5 minutes, print as much as I want (1 to 100 prints) clean it all up (I’m pretty thorough so cleaning everything takes about 35 minutes—but I use a lot of stencils and stuff that I have to clean, cleaning the plate takes virtually no time). So I can decide to print on the spur of the moment and finish up and clean up before it’s time to go to bed (just be sure that you can make yourself stop).

    So given the ease of all that I think it is totally worth it.

    Will it lead to other costs? Perhaps people will go Stencil crazy. I already had a lot of stencil (some that I cut, some commercial) so that wasn’t an issue for me. Also I tend to like to make my own tools (texture stamps and such) which minimizes cost.

    Personally I think it’s an [expletive deleted] brilliant idea and am really kicking myself that I didn’t think of it myself because I have friends who are print makers who are always griping to me about monoprint options and I have connections in “plastics” that I could have asked, but I was asleep, and someone did this and I think everyone should have one.

    Does that answer your question at all?

    Did you look at my 2013 fake journal? I think you might be able to tell from that that I had a ton of fun, and you can keep having fun.

    I took it to the demo and everyone there had fun and I’m doing another demo in August at a retreat and I know the folks there are going to have fun.

    But if you don’t like to print or play with paper and paint in this way then no amount of money would be worth it.

    I’m not trying to make sale-able monoprints on it, but I have friends who are actually using better paints and doing some “classy” stuff with it.

    They seem pretty happy too.


    Oh, P.S. here’s the link to the journal flip through

    • Linda
    • July 20, 2013

    Roz thank you so. Seems like there’s more fun then the dollar. So with my low monthly budget I’m going to fit this one in some how:) How are you doing? Hope well. Hows my Carl boy doing:) Miss hearing about him he puts a smile on my face hearing what he’s up to next.
    Have a wonderful mono printing day,

    • Linda
    • July 20, 2013

    Roz, went to animals June 4th Finches and April16th dog portrait so beautiful love the purple.and the way you added the dog over the background. Wonderful Roz,

  2. Reply

    Linda, Carl is on hiatus on a top shelf. He got into a bit of a snit when I started drawing some of his friends so he was on a time out. Which I broke when I found myself sitting on the floor looking up. But he’s still basically on hiatus. Too much family stuff and too many deadlines. But that’s OK. It will be all the more fun to play later.

    I sadly have no time for printing this summer—except at my demos. THankfully I have two, one which is past and one which is coming up in August, so I’ll have more fun then.

    I hope you get to try one at some point to see whether or not they suit you. If you aren’t interested in printmaking already I’d say pass on this and save the budget for things you already love and use. We have to focus!

  3. Reply

    LInda I’ve been drawing a lot of finches lately, check out the July 3 finches post and the June 24 finches post too. The perk of the new eldercare facility for Phyllis is that they have birds!

    Glad you enjoy the finches and I think the dog you mean is Sophia Grace, who is a sweetie!!!

    Hope you have some fun sketching.


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