The First Thing I Did To My Collaborative Journal—After I Pulled It Apart

June 25, 2013

Above: Page spread in my Not-So-Blank-Page Journal showing how I treated edges on non-white pages, and the resultant scraps (dotted strip on the right edge) that were thus created and used elsewhere in the journal. (Usually I extended my collage items page edge to page edge, but on the left I wanted the head to fall in a certain place so the white paper it's on doesn't extend all the way into the gutter.)

As I said on June 22 when writing about my experience with the MCBA Visual Journal Collective's collaborative project—The Not-So-Blank-Page Journal—I took the book apart so I could bleed large sketches across the spread.

But I then did something immediately to the rest of the book, something I had not anticipated—I colored all the page edges.

When Suzanne Hughes and I were working out the details for producing this project we knew at the start we would not be able to produce pages with the images bleeding off the edges. All copiers we were looking at would leave approximately 1/4 inch of white space on all the edges. I was so excited to get the project done that I kept telling myself that it didn't matter to me at all.

Then once I had pulled the book apart to bleed a sketch across the gutter I found there was no going back. I spent the next two days of free time taking each page in turn and coloring the edges of the page to match or coordinate with what was on the page. 

In the left-hand page above I used a rubberstamp pad to smear a similar color out to the edge of the page. I did this on ALL edges as I didn't know what might be left uncovered when I got to that page to actually journal on it. 

I mostly used rubberstamp inks. (It turns out that my ink collection is more varied than I thought and I had no trouble matching "close-enough" all the pages. Sometimes I used acrylic markers with wide tips from Montana Marker.

Whenever I was doing this I would place the page on a piece of clean newsprint and color away. This meant that I ended up with some interesting waste paper which I then cut up and used on other pages (see the right edge of the spread above where a pink color job waste sheet was used on that fore edge).

On one spread I actually drew a very stylized dog and then filled its body with collaged bits from one of the waste sheets. It was fun to have this extra decorative paper to play with.

When a page design had a mostly white background I left the white edges of the page, because there was no obvious border.

With the doctoring of the page edges accomplished I starting thinking about what to do on the pages…

    • Miss T
    • June 25, 2013

    I love what you did with your journal, Roz. Yikes, though. I haven’t even started!!

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