Sometimes You Just Have To Try Something: Painting with Stamp Inks

June 26, 2013

155_NSBJ_PaintingwithStampInk copyLeft: 8.5 x 11 inch page from my Not-So-Blank-Page Journal—a collaborative project in which members of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective made backgrounds and we all have been working on them as we please.

This is a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen sketch of a French Bulldog, which I then "painted" "black" using little sponge tipped make-up tools that I found at Ax-Man to smear Brilliance Stamp Ink (from reinkers) around.

(I don't wear make up so I never have any of these little tools lying around unless I find them at Ax-Man.)

In life this image is sort of sparkly because the Brilliance ink is sparkly. Of course this characteristic wreaks havoc with value and contrast, but what the heck. Sometimes you just have to push globby ink around with a little foam-tipped make-up tool because it's fun.

(The red words were stamped after I had collaged the sketch of the dog down in place—yes that's washi tape you see on the dog, it's Piecemeal! I covered its ear with a paper mask when stamping the text. I brought the original background colors out to the edge of the sheet with rubberstamp ink as I explained in yesterday's post. But at the top of the page where the background was white I left the edges white.)

    • Chris
    • June 26, 2013

    the caveat being that some stamp inks are pretty fugitive…if that matters to you

    • jacki long
    • June 26, 2013

    In my eyes, perfect! I love the unexpected. Great!

  1. Reply

    Yeah, I wouldn’t use just any stamp ink if lightfastness mattered to you. I stated that I was using Brilliance stamp inks for this. They are pigmented inks and are listed as archival, so I never worry about these inks. (I’ve got prints made, and displayed in light with their Graphite Black that are 15 years old and still as black as can be. The colors I’ve only used in my journals so I don’t know what would happen if they were exposed to light. Though since they are pigment inks they’ll at least fare better than dyes.

    What I did with the dog I would never do with any dye based stamp inks because all the ones I’ve seen fade immediately.

    As you’ll see from much of my recent journal work, though Chris, archival issues aren’t really on the top of my mind.

  2. Reply

    jacki, glad you like it. I think you are just partial to dogs. I should try to take a photo of it and see if I can capture the shimmer. It’s hard to look at in some light.

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