Making ATCs at the MCBA Visual Journal Collective

June 27, 2013

Above: A series of ATCs made by Marsha Micek.

Monday, June 19 about 20 members of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective got together to hear T.J. Goerlitz explain Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), share some of her own collection, and make some of our own.

The images in this post show some of what we got up to. 

People placed their pieces on the table in little groupings and I didn't get to talk to everyone about who did what, so I will be asking them to identify their work and I will update the captions as that information comes in. In the meanwhile you can enjoy seeing the lovely little compositional gems people came up with.

ATC8445Left: Two ATCs created at the meeting. Artists' name to come.







Right: A group of ATCs. Artists' names to come.

(We used some collage items brought from home if desired, books, magazines, and such. We worked with glue stick on cardstock.)


Left: A group of ATCs. Artists' names to come.

 We had a great time with T.J. who gave us a lot of information, annecdotes about her experiences in mail art, and some great inspiration. Visit T.J. Goerlitz at her website Studio Mailbox. 

ATC8451Left: A group of ATCs. Artists' names to come.







Left: Top left, Mary Kloss. Other names to come.






Right: Two cards in a series by Ruth Smith.






Left: Numerous artists, bottom row first 3, Roz Stendahl; bottom row distant, another view of Marsha Micek's work.




Below: A photo of one of the tables of ATCs that T.J. Goerlitz brought to show the group. Work includes a variety of media and approaches. There is an exquisite corpse project as well as other series. Click on the image to view the enlargement. (Various mail artists.)


We were all bitten by the ATC bug. The compositions are fun and addictive to do. I find myself making little drawings on my journal pages now…

Thank you T.J. for sharing your passion with us.

If you would like to read more about the meeting and see additional photos please visit Briana Goetzen's Orange Spiral Arts blog for her post on the meeting. (She also has some wonderful photos taken on the roof of MCBA.)

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    I love ATCs and have been in a mail group for many years and a few months ago started a men’s ATC group. Lots of great looking cards in this post- wish I could have been there!

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    Terry, since you posted a comment I’ve added a link to Briana’s report on the meeting and she has some photo photos. I’ve put a link at the end of the post. Check it out if you have a moment.

    I wish you could have been there too to join in the fun. One day you’ll be in town when a meeting is going on!

    I hope things are going well.

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