Favorite Art Tools from the Members of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective

June 2, 2013

See the full post for details and links.

If the above embedded video of "Favorite Tools of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective—Part 1" doesn't run, please see it at the YouTube Link.

On Monday, May 20, 2013 members of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective met to discuss their favorite art tools for journaling. We do this every year. Typically I take a lot of notes and try to type it all up in a long post. This year, because of a crazy schedule I got the brainiac idea to tape everyone's presentation.

This is a great group of people and they went right along with my plan. What you see is unrehearsed, no-do-overs, friends talking to friends (and knowing that Roz is taping them to show everyone!) Everyone did a fantastic job. Any errors were mine. I should have set a couple parameters for where people could hold a tool—sometimes folks were too fast for me as I zoomed in and out. (Suzanne Hughes took over filming when it was my turn to talk.)

All the artists are listed at the end of the part of the video they appear in. A couple artists agreed to let me publish their contact information:

Briana Goetzen of Orange Spiral Arts can be found at this link. (Also she is starting a new online journaling class that you should check out.)

Suzanne Hughes is the co-coordinator of the Collective. You can find her posts on sketching and journaling and her experiments with art materials on her blog Suzanne I Am.

Gwen Partin didn't reach me in time to have her address listed in the video, but she appears in part one and you can see her work at this link.

If other participating artists send in addresses they want published I'll add them at the bottom of this post. But for now the best way to meet any of us and see our artwork is to come and join us at one of our meetings. So if you are in the Twin Cities on any Third Monday of the month come and see us at MCBA from 7 to 9 p.m. 

The meetings are free and open to adult journal artists of ALL levels. We have beginners and professional artists. We share our work in a supportive environment. We talk about interesting art-related topics, and we laugh a lot. You'll typically find between 18 and 35 members at a meeting.

(Note: some meetings are special project nights and there may be a small fee for materials which is usually under $5. Please check the page on the MCBA Visual Journal Collective for any such notes and any time changes.)

We hope you enjoy these tips and tools and we look forward to seeing you at a future meeting.

Below: "Favorite Journaling Tools of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective—Part Two." Click on the YouTube link if the embedded video doesn't work.

  1. Reply

    Thanks for this Roz. Wonderfully informative.

    • Margo
    • June 2, 2013

    too fun, I hadn’t actually seen the Montana paint markers yet, I do see why you love them.

    • donnamcm
    • June 2, 2013

    Love this Roz! I did find it interesting that no one talked about the type of sketchbook they used, which I feel is a very important part of the equation, but then again, I am a sketchbook fanatic!

  2. Reply

    Elizabeth, I’m glad that you enjoyed it. We have a great group of people.

  3. Reply

    Be sure you get the non-solvent based ones Margo. The ones I’m using don’t have any smell!

  4. Reply

    Donna, that is interesting if you’re outside the group. We’ve been doing this meeting topic on a regular basis for at least 4 years and I think that paper (many of the members make their own books) and commercial books we like have been talked about in other “issues” of this topic. Also the thing is we talk about which journals we use and which paper all the time. Suzanne did talk about using toned paper, specifically Nideggen.

    But coming into it from outside it must look very strange indeed.

    I can tell you that this group is very interested in a variety of sketchbooks. (I recall that Ruth in her presentation talked about using her Stonehenge journals which she’s quite fond of.)

    Maybe we’ll have to do a video next year about the sketchbooks we like, and for those of us who make our own books—the paper we like.

    Thanks for watching!

    • jacki long
    • June 3, 2013

    Both videos were great! I found myself smiling back at Peggy and nodding with Gwen! I also love the Montana Pens. I took a graffiti class with Vyal and was hooked! Especially the wider 3″ marker, though the 1-1/2″ get more use. Thanks Roz.

  5. Reply

    jacki, I’d love to go to a demo but every time someone from Montana Markers has shown up at Wet Paint to do a demo there has been a conflict for me. I look forward to seeing on in the future.

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