I Just Posted the Transcript of My 2013 Fake Journal

May 22, 2013


Left: Sketch that didn't make it into the 2013 fake journal. Pentel Pocket Brush pen on Strathmore toned (tan) paper, stuck together with washi tape, and collaged on Stonehenge (page 8.5 x 11 inches) that has been pre-decorated with rubberstamping and stenciling.

I finally had a moment to type a typescript of the entire 2013 fake journal I made this year. You can see the transcript here.

You can see the video flip through of my 2013 fake journal here or on YouTube.

If you watch the video you can read along with the transcript and see what the character was thinking about when she was making those images, or living that day. 

Don't expect it to answer any of your questions as she isn't an explanation kind of gal. But her comments will give you a better sense of who she is.

Next to holding the thing in your hands (it weighs a ton with all that pasted on stuff) this is the next best thing to going through it in person.

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