Scavenging for Graphics: Wine Labels

April 17, 2013

Typically I focus in this series on older typographical presentations (signage, posters, labels from the 1960s and before), but this morning Visual News popped in my mailbox with a post from yesterday—Unique Wine Labels from Around the World.

I'm a teetotaler (simply because I never developed a taste for wine and, heck, I can get giddy on full-strength Sprite) so most people don't know that I am a wine-label fanatic. My parents (both wine drinkers) have taken me along on many winery tours. Since I was at the time too young to drink (if I'd been so inclined) I focused on, what else, the graphics. I had a huge collection of wine labels (until they were misplaced in a move; a long, ridiculous story in which several years worth of my journals were also lost).

If you enjoy clever labels go check out this post from Visual News today.

    • Marsha Micek
    • April 17, 2013

    Here are a few more websites with great graphics to scavange


    An old book designer like yourself should surely love the second one.

  1. Reply

    Marsha, I love BOTH the sites and curse you (lightly) for drawing them to my attention when I have so much to wade through—but I’ll take a longer peak when things settle down. THANK YOU

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