Adventures in the Temporary Care Unit

April 25, 2013

R: Stand up tall. Great job. Walk right into the walker.

I motion with my hands for CR to close the distance between his body and his walker.

R: The more you stand within the walker the better your posture, the better your balance. The more you're working on your balance, the sooner you're done with the walker.

I reach out and push the large automated door button on the hallway wall. Heavy fire doors swing slowly open in time for CR to glide through with his walker. I've just pushed Phyl's wheelchair through the various spaces of this large complex with CR in tow. Physical Therapy had him outside working on curbs and uneven surfaces earlier and he wants to walk more. Now Phyl is taking a nap and I'm escorting him back to his room. I'm constantly watching for lapses in stamina.

R: Stand tall. Get your spine straight. I'm not saying all this just to bitch at you about random things.

He self corrects in one small motion, walking more upright, concentration animating his face. He's thinking hard about his place in space.

CR: I would never mistake anything you say as random.

I take a step behind him and double over laughing. A belly laugh that echoes through the hall. 

R: In all these years [I pause for more laughing] that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. 

CR stops. He's laughing now too; balancing, barely holding the walker. Standing tall.

We laugh together hard for another minute.

No matter how old you are it is great to be really seen.

  1. Reply

    That is a great story, Roz.

    • Elizabeth
    • April 25, 2013

    Roz, for some reason this story REALLY touched me -a few tears (the good kind) sneaked out, along with a big grin. Thank you for the many things you share. I need the reminders to get out and sketch.

  2. Reply

    Wonderful moment between you. In these situations, laughter is holy business.

    • mo
    • April 25, 2013

    what a wonderful anecdote! a nice family moment, now captured for all posterity 😉

  3. Reply

    oh, that is just priceless…

    • Heather
    • May 2, 2013

    More evidence that Random is your nemesis. I love it.

  4. Reply

    Heather, yes, that’s right! And today has been a complete immersion in the reality that Random is my nemesis! Now I have a timeline and a way to proceed for some of this family stuff!

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