A Guest Post on Sports?

April 4, 2013

Periodically I like to post guest posts. Today's guest is Dick. The other day he wrote the following indented note to a co-worker who's interested in sports. I asked if I could use it on my blog.

Background: Dick doesn't watch sports on TV, even when my dad visits and golf reigns. He'll politely leave the room. But I guess sometimes you touch base with events just so you can comment and be involved? 

That's a slippery slope of behavior which has led me to watch all manner of shows beginning with "Star Trek" and winding through "Project Runway," "Top Chef," "Pawn Stars," "American Pickers," a little bit of horse racing, and anything to do with art fraud. Sometimes you find your own interest hooked in ways your friend's might not have been, and the habit persists.

Friday evening I switched on the Michigan game for a moment.  Looking at the Michigan bench with everyone in the bright yellow uniforms Roz explained:

“They’re painful to look at.  They look like a box of Peeps.  That’s the shade of yellow that makes you want to get up and adjust the color on your TV set. "

I switched to the Oregon game.  She then said:

"Oregon looks like a bunch of leprechauns.  It's like they were all pulled out of a box of Lucky Charms."

When did college basketball uniforms get so goofy looking?

Like Dick I too wonder about the color and cut of college basketball uniforms. I appreciate that the pants are longer now because frankly every time I rewatch "The Bachelor and the Bobby-soxer," and see Shirley Temple's young beau Jerry (played by Johny Sands) jump around on the basketball court in tight short-short-shorts, well, frankly I fear for him. So we've come a long way. And since I wear all my clothing (except shoes) two sizes too large (I'm claustrophobic, what can I say), I can't complain when others want to be comfortable as well, especially when they are leaping up to make impressive slam dunks. But I do think there is a middle ground between the short-short-shorts and culottes.

What, you don't rewatch "The Bachelor and the Bobby-soxer"? Well I can't say much about that except it's a great vehicle for Cary Grant's comedic skills; and you remind me of a man…

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    You are absolutely right. And the observations about shorts on basketball players can go equally well for gals over a certain age: too short and it is a brain scar…too long and we look like Higgins on Magnum.

    I worked in fashion for years and the lead designer used to say that shorts do no woman any favors….

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    oh Roz, this made me giggle! too funny…and so true, though it did occur to me that you may be a little more sensitive to colors and their impact than the ‘normal’ person…? (or maybe I should say art layman instead of normal) I was going to say at least their backsides are covered and underwear not showing, but I think you alluded to that in the above reply… I guess every generation has to challenge the values of the generations before!

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