2013 International Fake Journal Month Starts Today

April 1, 2013

2013ButtonDemoLeft: The button for 2013 International Fake Journal Month (which actually might change…ack it's always something, but read on).

Today is April 1, the start of International Fake Journal Month 2013.

If you are a new reader of this blog you might not know what IFJM is. (Click on that category to learn more.) It's a little project I've been doing for years. I went public with it to my students in the 2000s, and then I really went public with it in 2009 when I started a blog dedicated to this event: the Official International Fake Journal Blog.

You can read about the origins of International Fake Journal Month and the guidelines and ways to participate at that blog.

You can also see my fake 2009 through 2012 journals on that blog (earlier fake journals are private).

For the next 30 days I'll be working as another "character" in my 2013 fake journal. I'll post probably once a week (for reasons you'll understand when you see the first post) on the other blog.

The image you see here is this year's button (I always have buttons). You can find out ways to "win" or buy a button over on the other blog.

I have to say that the past week has been incredibly insane (for reasons I won't go into right now) and the button file was all set to go EXCEPT that I changed the slogan for the year at the last moment to: Never Explain. 

That would have been perfect for this year. I loved "Embrace the Fake" when I thought of it in January, but "Never Explain" was just too perfect, given the type of journal my character is creating.

The problem is I changed the files, and it looks as if I sent this file in to the button makers! We won't know for another couple of days until I receive the buttons.

It also looks like I might have sent them a file which will print oddly (a long explanation you don't need to know). What you need to know is that if the buttons show up and need to be reprinted I'll redo the file to carry the other slogan. If the buttons come back good to go—well then we'll go with it because at this point it just makes sense.

Moral of this story (or any story involving sending things to the printer late at night when your life is in chaos)—Don't send things late at night!

And remember to breathe.

Now it's time to jump in with your own fake journal project, or at least check out what people are doing this year or in past years (there are links on the other blog that will take you to the fake journals of others).

One thing that never changes is the underlying premise of, and overall slogan for, IFJM:

Life's so short, why live only one?

    • Miss T
    • April 1, 2013

    Beautiful design, Roz, and both slogans are great!

  1. Reply

    Thanks Miss T. It’s kind of fun to do a rectangular button this year. Dogs—they are always fun!!!

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