My Fall 2013 Dog Project Is Still Moving Slowly Along

March 18, 2013

Above: Working in a new journal on Arches Text Wove (Arches Velin). The journal is approximately 6.5 x 9 inches. I worked first with a 3/4 inch wide tipped acrylic marker getting loose lines and warming up (light blue; sometimes working on the edge of the marker) then I went in with a Faber-Castell Pitt Artist's Brush Pen, to capture contours. Finally I played around with gouache, Stabilo Tones, acrylic paint, gold wax pencil resist and some white markers in the background.

My dog portrait project originally scheduled for last fall is still on-going. It's been difficult to find time to paint paintings, but I'm massing up studies galore. That's what this is about. Becca is a lovely black lab. She was in the original pool of dogs and I saw her again briefly around this time, but not in a situation where I could sketch her from life. I took a couple photos and used those, popped up on the screen, as reference. 

I think I need to see her once more in person and do some more sketches from life before I do a large painting of her. She is so calm I'm not sure I'm getting her essential look. When the snow melts I'm going to pester her owner for face time!

I find sketches like these, playing with materials, thinking about a subject, help me keep my enthusiasm for the project even during long periods of time when I might not be able to get to the drawing board or easel. 

    • Miss T
    • March 18, 2013

    Good to see that your dog project is still alive and well!

  1. Reply

    When will I ever learn—if I were smart I would have made the project the project of my fake journal keeper who would be someone who could just paint all April! That would have been useful. Now I’ll be coming up on a month-long hiatus. My only hope is that this year’s fake journal gets something essential that’s been bugging me out of my system. I’m looking forward to May—to painting, and to no snow because it looks like today winter is never going to end! (Got your pages, haven’t opened the package, but I’ll put you in the count tonight.)

    • Sweetie
    • March 18, 2013

    Hey you, that’s my sweet pup! 🙂
    May is rather busy, but I’d be happy to give you more face time with Becca early in the month or in June…. I’m not convince the snow will be gone in April and your fake journaler will keep you very busy.

  2. Reply

    Sweetie, she is very sweet indeed (though I’ve seen her be a bit rambunctious. After listening to the plows go by the house all day so far I am despairing of winter ever being over. So yes, we will have to work in some face time with Becca in June, between bike rides.

    Speaking of which. Aren’t I supposed to be on some team or something and what am I supposed to do? Even two episodes of House M.D. a day are not keeping the muscles taut. But I’m still game.

    Send a link or something sometime to clue me in.

    (I have been channeling my fake journal character today and I’m not sure that I haven’t made a HUGE, HUGE, (extra large caps) HUGE mistake. I’m hoping it’s just the weather—though maybe she is a product of the weather. I so need to move to California.)

    • Paula Jarvis
    • March 20, 2013

    Your approach to Becca’s portrait is helping me with one I’m doing for my son of his rescue dog, Bella. Thanks.

    BTW, the April 2013 issue of Watercolor Artist magazine has an interesting article entitled Don’t Forsake Opaque that you’ll enjoy.

  3. Reply

    Thanks Paula, and I’ll try to check out that magazine. I don’t subscribe so I’ll try to find it at the art supply store.

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