More Recent Sketches from the Bell Museum

March 2, 2013


Above: Second sketch of the day (and third and fourth) on my recent trip to the Bell Museum (see below for a link to my first sketch of the day). This 13 x 9 inch page spread (from a journal I made with Magnani Annigoni Designo, which is tan) was prepainted with blue and yellow acrylics before I left home. When I got to the Bell and got to this page I had to paint over that surface. I used a large—about an inch wide—acrylic marker from Montana Markers with blue ink to color around various subjects after I finished the spread. Liz had some thin tipped markers out when we were sitting at the table sketching and writing. I did some test swatches below my sketches of the live turtle.

Last week (not this week, but last) I got to duck over to the Bell Museum for a couple hours of sketching with my friend Liz Carlson. I was getting pretty stir crazy (the Bell Museum had been my last scheduled destination before I got sick and I never got there). It was a great way to get back into the swing of things. 

My first sketch of the day was of my favorite Beaver sitting on the dam, picking fleas off his tummy. You can see that sketch over at Urban Sketchers Twin Cities

The otter sketch page is my second sketch of the day.

Not everything is a taxidermy specimen at the Bell—I spent some time sketching one of the live turtles. Liz and I both ended the day by sketching the Ptarmigan in a case in the touch and see room. Liz got them to pull it down and put it on our table. Sketching it gave me a chance to try the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist's Big Brush Pen in White India ink on the tan surface of the Magnani Annigoni Designo. (Don Colley introduced me to this white pen when he was in Minneapolis in the fall of 2012.)

Below: My final sketch of the day, a Ptarmigan (spelled correctly on my journal page, but not on my scan name), for which I used pen, white pen, and some gouache. My notes on the left-hand page were written at the end of the day when I returned from life drawing.


    • March 2, 2013

    That white really turned out nicely! Thanks for sharing that day with me Roz!

  1. Reply

    Liz, thank you for picking me up, searching diligently for a parking space, spotting that book! It was a great morning. And I loved your sketches. When it’s warm we’ll have to go back just to sit in the parking lot and sketch! (I promise to bring emergency provisions!)

    • Miss T
    • March 2, 2013

    Very nice, Roz. I particularly like the Ptarmigan!

    • KAREN
    • March 2, 2013

    These are beautiful, including another of my favorite fur bearers, the river otter.

  2. Reply

    Thanks Miss T. The Ptarmigan was a lot of fun to draw with a few colored feathers popping out here and there. I’m glad you liked it. Though I like my first page of the day with the beaver and the kids’ comments the best (it’s over at the link on USk—Twin Cities).

  3. Reply

    Thanks Karen, I think the otter is great fun to draw, but I often run out of space for the rest of his body!

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