Is It Fun to Sketch Ed Asner or WHAT?

March 4, 2013

130104_CEdAsnerLeft: 8.5 x 11 inch sketch of Ed Asner (as he is now) on a TV commercial for the old Mary Tyler Moore Show. He was playing his character Lou Grant in the commercial. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen on cream Stonehenge. The PPBP feels great on this paper.

Asner has a fantastically interesting face—the lines of it, the flexibility of it.

Part of me wanted to paint this sketch after I finished it. Stonehenge is quite fun to paint on, especially with gouache.

But the other part of me said stop, you've done enough.

Which is sort of true of this post too, given the title.

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    His face tells a wonderful story! Its got more interesting as he has aged and he is such a pleasant contrast to the manicured metros that inhabit the world of entertainment! We rarely get a chance to see these Golden Oldies here in Oz, lucky you!
    I’m glad you stopped when you did!

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    There is something wonderful with the lines and shapes of a character actor’s face Caroline.

    I’m surprised you no longer get to see “Golden Oldies” in Oz. When I was a girl there (decades ago) all that was on TV were the real oldies from the start of TV.

    Here we have so many channels now and at least 3 or more or dedicated only to old TV shows. It’s fascinating to see what the writing and filming were like, how they framed jokes, the expectations of the characters.

    I am definitely a child of the TV age.

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