International Fake Journal Month Is Almost Upon Us—April 1, 2013 It Begins Again

March 3, 2013

Yes, it's that time again—time to start prepping for International Fake Journal Month April 2013!

Before I could start prepping for this year's effort in April, I had some old business to attend to which you can read about in a post I put up on the Official International Fake Journal Month Blog  Saturday.

In the coming days and through the rest of March, I will be posting about my own plans for my 2013 fake journal over on that blog. I'll also be writing helpful posts to aid you in building a project.

Once April arrives I'll be posting my fake journal over at the Official International Fake Journal Blog. My pages from this year's journal will probably start going up about April 7. I'll work in the journal for a few days before I start to scan it. Depending on other obligations with the family I might just post once a week—we'll see how it goes. (Right now I seem set on using a rather large journal which will increase my scanning time.)

I'm encouraging all past participants to re-up and join me again. I will post a list of current participants at the side of the Official International Fake Blog so that blog visitors will know where else they can check for fake journals.

Remember that you don't have to post your fake journal entries to participate in this event. You can create a project with specific goals and execute it from the privacy of your own home. I encourage you to to that. 

I just realized today when writing this post that there is no Fake Journal category in the category list on this blog. If you would like to find past posts on this blog about fake journals please click on "IFJM" in the category list. (IFJM stands for International Fake Journal Month.)

In the next week, check over at the other blog to find out about this year's button, slogan, and my plans for my own fake journal and what I hope is an interesting new participatory twist this year. 


"Life's so short, why live only one?"

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    okay: I may have screwed up. I started on March 1. And I invented a character in the future who does a lot of the stuff I do, but has definitely a different personality /look/job etc… My goal was to remark on what I DO daily through the filter of that character. Is this within the realm? I will hold back making entries till APRIL 1, but want to know if I am in the ballpark of the project.

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