In the House: A Dialog with Dick

March 5, 2013

130115j-k_DickCropLeft: 5 x 7 inch (approx.) sketch of Dick using a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen on stipple (coquille) paper. I was practicing for the MCBA Visual Journal Collective's 2013 Portrait Party—you'll note from the date that I had not yet become ill. Portraits at the party have to be executed in under 10 minutes, hence the noted duration.)


Dick: I was looking at my straight razor on line—it's gone up $60.00.

Roz: You should get another one before the price goes up more. I have two of everything.

[a beat]

Roz: Except for you.

    • March 5, 2013

    😀 I love you guys together! Great sketch , Roz! I have trouble drawing Tim even though I’ve drawn him a lot.

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    Liz, this is very funny, I rarely draw Dick. Only when we are leading up to the Portrait Party (so November through the third Monday in January). Dick still comments occasionally about the colored pencil portrait I did of him early in our relationship. Totally photo realistic, which is what I was doing then. I transferred the sketch to paper and started laying in the colors and I finished the right eye and some of his cheek and stopped. I’d said all I wanted to say!

    Now that he’s the only life model in the house I have returned to sketching him. Those blonde eyebrows give me fits! I had to climb on a ladder to get a good vantage point this year because I found it impossible to draw him! Maybe if I put as much time into doing it as I did with Dottie?!

    • March 5, 2013

    I really like that orange sketch too! You could start a Dick Day in your week of sketching?! 😀

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    Liz, I don’t know which orange sketch you mean. The ones on the ladder were done with Aquash pen (light black ink).

    But I don’t think I would want to have a day devoted to sketching Dick each week. First of all he’s gone all the time so that would be difficult, and second—he gets enough attention!

    Hope you are safe and warm. I’m snowed in and no gesture drawing today!

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