I’m Posting about Snow Piles over on Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities

March 7, 2013

No new post here today, but I didn't want you to miss my snow pile posts over at Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities.

In February I found a very "worn" snow pile, before all the recent snow.

Just after (or rather during) Tuesday's snow storm I sketched our barbeque grill in the yard.

Yesterday I had a lovely time sketching with my friend Diane at her home next to Bald Eagle Lake.

I'm really enjoying my current journal made with Magnani Annigoni Designo. The toned paper is perfect for all this snow I'm faced with (when I'd rather be biking!).

I love white gouache. It makes living with snow (when you don't have snow dogs) possible!

Check out Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities to see the other snow scenes other local artists are sketching, as well as scenes of life around the cities!

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