Faces Part 1 of Too Many To Count

March 25, 2013

130108H_WomanHairSweptLeft: Pentel Pocket Brush Pen sketch on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of coquille paper. Character actor.

Even before I got sick in January I was sketching faces like crazy—some from life, some from TV, faces, faces, faces.

I'm going to share some of my favorites over the next few weeks (I'll write about some other stuff too, but hey these are already scanned and ready to go…)

I just can't get over the hairdo on this first woman. I've never spent that much time on my hair, though I'm usually visually impressed by people who do. Used to be that people didn't leave the house without this much effort. All I can say is it's a very good thing indeed that I wasn't born then and that I like pigtails!

130108J_WomanLargeNoseLeft: Same specs as the first sketch today. I couldn't resist sketching this woman because she had such a beat up nose that was crying out for the PPBP strokes. The pen is running out here and getting low on ink so there is a change in the line quality that I find quite fun.

I like working with the PPBP because it makes me edit things down to essentials. I'm not always on target, but I am always having FUN.

If you want to read more about why and how I sketch from TV (in addition to sketching from life) you can use the blog's search engine to look for some of the many posts that discuss this.

One of the most fun is Hairdos, Noses, Ears—You Know: Everything about Sketching, which I wrote last May. There are so many you might just want to go to the category cloud and click on "Sketching" and scroll through it.

If you want to get sketching something right away Project Friday: Contours on a Face is a recent helpful post about TV sketching.

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