Scavenging for Graphics: Labels—Liquid Embroidery

February 20, 2013

LiquidEmbroidery4018Left: Box cover for a liquid embroidery kit.


Fabric painting has changed over time. There are all sorts of books out now on applying paints to fabrics. This kit from the 1950s or 1960s had a simpler goal—to replace making lines of embroidery stitch with lines of paint.

The printing, the colors, even the "scientific" name of the product all sit squarely in its time.

This package showed up at last year's supply swap at the MCBA Visual Journal Collective. You never know what people are going to bring and what you might find.

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    My grandmother had dozens of these paint tube shaped pens. As kids my cousins and I used to fight over who got to use them. They smelled horribly of chemicals, were difficult to control, and a consistent line width was out of the question. Even with all that, they were so much fun. We all had t-shirts with crazy kid scribbles all over them and we’d blob the paint out onto paper. We made a mess but had so much fun no one cared.

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    Leslie, thank you so much for sharing this lovely memory with me. I love hearing that you all had wonderful custom sketched t-shirts! That’s a great use of this product. Now they have so many different types of fabric paint and fabric markers—I think your grandmother was an innovator in the use of liquid embroidery!

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