Look Who Was On “Perry Mason” the Other Day

February 14, 2013

130105_IFacesLeft: Quick sketches with the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen while watching an episode of "Perry Mason." (Richeson Recycled watercolor paper, 8.5 x 11 inches.) 

I was up late one night early in January, and a young, very young Leonard Nimoy (bottom right on the sketch page) showed up on "Perry Mason."

Of all the actors that were on the show and then went on to other gigs (just the other night I saw an episode with Adam West, pre-Batman) seeing a young, non-alien Leonard Nimoy has been the most startling. I think I may have made his ears a little more pointed than they actually were, memory overlapping observation.

    • Margo
    • February 17, 2013

    I just love when this happens watching old movies. I was watching an old Miss Marple (the series with Joan Hickson) and the sergeant was Inspector Lewis. One huge question though, how are you watching Perry Mason? I checked netflix and amazon, not there. I loved this show as a kid and would love to watch and sketch, Della always had such classy clothes.

  1. Reply

    Margo, I remember that Miss Marple. I love the actor who plays Inspector Lewis!

    You missed this post about Mason, well actually Drake
    In it there are links to the two networks playing the shows, it’s one of my indented paragraph asides.

    A friend of Dick’s just found out I’m interested in PM and he is going to lend me season one which he has on VIDEO! They were released years ago in a video set. I think the video player still works!

    Not only did Della have classy clothing but her hair was perfection!

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