Ken Avidor Will Be Sketching and Talking about Working on Toned Paper

February 12, 2013

Above: On-site sketch of the recent Red Bull Ice Course in St. Paul, ©2013 Ken Avidor. Pen and pastels on toned paper.

Ken Avidor will be at Wet Paint in St. Paul on Thursday February 14, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. for a toned paper presentation. (You can go to the Wet Paint page here and scroll down to find full details of the evening.) If you've been reading this blog at all you'll already know a lot about Ken because I post about him frequently and thanks to him I'm always sketching snow piles. He's an illustrator and cartoonist and a very politically involved citizen. It is always great fun to watch him sketch and hear him tell his harrowing stories of sketching in public. (You can see more sketches by Ken Avidor at UrbanSketchers—Twin Cities, and at The Art of Ken Avidor you can find your way to his many other blogs.)

Ken will be joined by another local artist Tara Tieso who also works on toned paper. You can read about her work at the Wet Paint listing.

Go and hear what they have to say about working on toned papers. There are lots of options for these papers in the marketplace right now.

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    Oh I wish I wish I,wish I could be there. I’m working in a toned sketchbook right now.

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    Wendy, I can’t promise that I’ll take anything like a detailed record (photos and notes) of what happens, but I hope to take a couple photos at least when I go. My larger hope is to get Ken on a sketching trip—when it is warm outside again—and make a film of him working, because it is rather amazing.

    He used to use colored pencils, but about a month or two ago he switched over to using a lot of chalk/pastels. Now that he’s been doing it for awhile it seems a good time to talk to him about smudging issues (if any), and which he prefers and why.

    Have fun in your toned sketch book! I’m finishing up a journal with crisp white pages and eager to get into the next journal which I made with toned papers. The toned papers work so well with gouache! (Which you know I love.)

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