February 18, 2013 MCBA Visual Journal Collective Meeting—Stacy Stanley

February 10, 2013


Left: Stacy Stanley Farmers Market commissioned illustration. Click o the image to view an enlargement.


Monday, February 18, 2013 from 7 to 9 p.m. Stacy Stanley will be our guest speaker. The meeting will be at MCBA in the Open Book Building, see the MCBA website for directions.

Join Stacy to hear about her illustration commission to create a watercolor image for the Minneapolis Farmers Market's 75th Anniversary commemorative market bag.

Stacy wrote to me about the project:

The goal was to illustrate the activities of the Market, show the diverse community it serves, highlight the location’s skyline, add text, and incorporate the 3 GIANT red sheds, which housed the Market since the very beginning.

I sketched, photographed, and studied time and place to get a deeper understanding of the Market.  Still, I asked myself, “What do I do about these 3 GIANT red sheds?” I had to revisit perspective options. The final trick was to fit the pieces of the puzzle together into a pleasing and energetic image. Whew! 

Join us on February 18 when Stacy will share her creative process, sketches, and photos. It will be a fun evening of seeing how art can be drawn out of our journals.

Also at this meeting Suzanne Hughes and I will present the latest collaborative project for the group. Come and see and sign up.

And of course as is our habit—bring your journals to share during the post-talk discussion time.

The MCBA Visual Journal Collective is an adult journaling group. You can read more about it at this link. The meeting is free and open to adult visual journalers of all skill levels. At the link you'll also see a calendar of upcoming meeting topics for 2013 (some topics are still under discussion, but most of them are up).

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