Digital Sketching on the iPad

February 9, 2013

IMG_0054Left: sketch of sneakers on iPad, ©James Nutt, image used with permission.


Recently I caught up with James Nutt for coffee and learned he has a couple classes coming up for digital sketchers. It was great fun to see his sample illustrations.

If you have an iPad and are interested in learning to sketch on it check out James' class at White Bear Center for the Arts.

Here's what the course catalog says:

iPad Drawing and Painting
Unlock the digital artist within. The iPad is an incredible tool for the simple sketch to gallery grade art. This class is geared toward all levels of sketchers and paniters curious how to get started on the iPad. This series will be an intro to running the software and basic drawing lessons taking advantage of this unique medium. From there students will do a variety of exercises exploring such topics as line quality, color, opacity, layout, layers, and photo incorporation. Just imagine every too in a professional artist studio with no clean up, no scanning, and being able to finally paint on the bus or in the dark while everyone else watches TV! 


Right: Fantasy sketch turning his hand into a tree limb. ©James Nutt, image used with permission.

There are two beginning classes— one for four Tuesdays March 5 to 26, 3 to 5 p.m.; one for four Tuesdays April 2 to 23, 3 to 5 p.m. ($85 non-member.) There will be a continuing iPad drawing and painting class for 3 Tuesdays May 7 to 21 from 3 to 5 p.m. ($64 non-member). See the link to White Bear Center for the Arts for information on their membership costs and member discounts for classes.

You might know James from his outings with MetroSketchers in the Twin Cities. He also blogs on UrbanSketchers—Midwest and UrbanSketchers—TwinCities. He's an architect at NewStudio Architecture in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

I don't have an iPad, but I sure do enjoy seeing what friends create on them. If you have an iPad and haven't started sketching on it yet you might want to check out this opportunity.

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    I love the position of the shoes viewed from above. It’s a different composition.

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