The December MCBA Visual Journal Collective’s Sketching Scavenging Hunt

January 21, 2013

Above: My pocket made from map paper dontated by Thomas Winterstein, with my sketch cards, as well as photos of other people's work (top left) and extra pocket samples I made of different papers.

In December twelve hardy sketching souls made it out in the cold to the MCBA Visual Journal Collective's Sketching Scavenging Hunt. We began the meeting by making a 6-pocket folder to hold our six sketch cards. Then we had about 50 minutes to spread out through the building and find items to sketch for each of the categories: people, landscape or scene; a holiday object; machinery; a found texture; interesting negative space.

We reconvened after the sketching to share our work and vote on winning packets (there was a bookbinding book and other small notebooks for prizes).

You can see the sets of sketches by the participants below. Click on each image to enlarge the view. The artist is listed in the image. I apologize for the poor lighting but we were shooting in a rather dim studio with metal tables which reflected the light (so I couldn't use flash). (I haven't worked out a way to get Typepad to do a good grid-type layout so these appear a little jumbled, but when you click on each you'll be able to see them.)

I'll add links to any of the artists' blogs as they provide them, so you can go and see some better scans. 

See Suzanne Hughes' blog post about the Sketching Scavenging Hunt here.


The images I took were sized to fit onto 5 x 7 inch cards. The photos were posted to Drop Box in a shared file so that participants could download and print the images of the other participants to inclued in their packet as a remembrance of the day.

One thing I thought was really fun was seeing how so many of us selected the same objects or subjects, even though we were all spread out over the building and didn't sketch at the same object at the same time…

























































Don't forget that TONIGHT is our FIFTH ANNUAL PORTRAIT PARTY. It starts sharply at 7 p.m. and costs $5.00 (to offset copying and supply costs). Read about the details at the link in this paragraph. Come join us and have some fun!

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