Not Everyone Was Glad I Went to Wisconsin

January 15, 2013



Left: Carl way up on a bookshelf, pouting. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and gouache.

I think the title of this post says it all. He'll come around. We're always thrown together in such close quarters.


    • Miss T
    • January 15, 2013

    He probably wanted to go along!

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    Yeah, Miss T, and that would have been a disaster I’m sure. But there is a slight thaw. He went with me to the second day of class (thus making Gert angry) and while I didn’t sketch him as my demo (did sketches of a pepper instead) he seemed happy to be there. All the other animals seem quite happy to stay on the shelf for long periods of time! Especially during portrait party practice time.

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    Wow… what is Carl? Has he forgiven you for leaving him yet?

    • January 15, 2013

    Oh Carl! Maybe you should give him a special treat? Did you see my new buddies? I posted them on my FB art page yesterday, still awaiting names! 🙂

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    CaptElaine, he’s a giganosaurus! He has his own category on the blog, “Carl” of course. Nope, he hasn’t forgiven me completely yet. Though I think he was winking at me yesterday. (I’ve been sketching faces all day so I think he’s annoyed again, because I haven’t sketched his face.)

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    Liz, no I haven’t seen them, I’ve been sketching all day and staying away from the computer (especially FB). Can’t wait to see. Carl went to class with me on Sunday and the light in MCBA’s bindery is totally different and he looked different! The possibilities are endless. Have fun with your new buddies!

    • January 16, 2013

    Thanks! I hope Carl comes around again. 🙂

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