Life Drawing Notes, And a Funny Thing Happened…

January 20, 2013

Above: Final sketch of the evening from Oct. 9, 2012. Pencil (2B) on newsprint.

People have been writing in lately to provide new times, locations, costs, etc. for the Twin Cities Life Drawing Co-ops  page on my blog. Since there have been a number of them I have reformatted the page to incorporate listings I found out about later, into the main body of the post, and put a new update date on the top of the post.

If you refer to this list for information on these types of opportunities please take a moment to refer to it again and make sure that the co-op you go to is still showing the correct information. If not I'd love to hear from you with corrections.

I don't list classes on this list I list drawing co-ops that anyone can sign up for either for a series of sessions or on a drop-in basis.

As for the above sketch, it was something I did in a life-drawing class and I was so happy it actually ended up looking like the model—and then when I was taking photos of my night's work at home (I like to keep digital files of these throw away sketches) I realized that I was so pleased with the placement of her hand on her face that I neglected one minor, little detail—I didn't count her fingers. It still makes me smile.

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    Very cool..and who couldn’t use an extra digit? NICE SENSE OF VOLUME.
    Thanks so much for your book recommendation! I am going to the Mardi Gras meeting of DR SKETCHY in town and have been practicing to get in the mood. DOWNTON ABBEY has become the TV show of choice for figures: lots of good visual fodder in each episode!AND THE PENTEL POCKET BRUSH PEN is the perfect sketching tool, thanks to your helpful posts on it! I got a spare because I started to fear this one dying and having no replacement! THAT IS LOVE!

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    Thanks Ellen. And I hope you have a great time at Dr. Sketchy’s! Glad Downton is giving you great sketching opportunities and you’ve embraced the PPBP! I too always have a new one in the drawer. But then the older ones (when the tips finally get a little blunt after ages and ages of work) end up all over the house so I really needn’t worry. Thanks for writing.

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