Waiting for a Friend

December 1, 2012

121019PeopleCafeLatteLeft: People in line at Cafe Latte. Staedtler Pigment Liner .1 on Gutenberg—handmade journal 6 x 8 inches approx.

A few weeks ago I was waiting for a friend so we could catch up at Cafe Latte. I spent my time sketching people in line at the counter. This is a great opportunity for getting practice with hairstyles and clothing. The patrons are so interested in making the meal choices (and dessert choices) that they don't look around and notice that anyone is watching and sketching!

Use those moments when you're out and about waiting as opportunities to practice, notice, observe. If conditions are right you can also overhear conversations and learn what's on everyone's mind, and what's "trending." It's a great way to past the time.

    • Leslie Schramm
    • December 2, 2012

    Always love the thumbnail sketches, and after 35 years of symphonic bands, I can listen to several streams of sound ( and conversations ) whilst appearing to be concentrating on other things; makes listening to conversations great fun. I once paid another tables bill, just for the fun I’d had listening, apparently they were furious, incase someone had thought they couldn’t pay. Good luck with the sore shoulder, never fun, can make sleeping so uncomfortable. I know a lot of trombonists who have bad shoulders from the way they have to hold it; a number have taken to playing the guitar as well,as it relieves the pain, so you never know, that ukelele might be calling to you

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    Thanks Leslie. I’m glad too that you paid someone’s bill once after overhearing them, I think that’s fun, but then I guess I can understand that people might get furious—but I think it was a fun thing for you to do.

    The body is a funny thing seemingly able to focus on only one pain at a time. I twisted my ankle stepping off an uneven curb on Tuesday and it seemed fine until today! So now my body is trying to turn that off and the should is forgotten—though I have been carrying much less and doing all my PT exercises for it.

    I think you make a great case for the Uke! My fingers are cracked right now from riding my bike in the cold, so I might have to hold off on that venture—someday. But I like your argument!

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