Roz Revisited: Roz’s Dirty Little Secret

December 13, 2012

With almost 1500 posts on the blog it's sometimes difficult for me to remember what I've written about and what I've only thought about writing about. And it's sometimes obvious to me that I've said what I want to say in a way that really captures how I feel and that post is the "definitive" post on some topic. Because of that I am going to start a new feature today "Roz Revisited" (it's in the category list too). Periodically I'll post about old posts. I'm not going to repost the old post, I'm simply going to post a little note telling you that you might want to click on the link to that old post and reread it now, or read it for the first time if you're new to Roz Wound Up.

Today's revisitation is about my dirty little secret—I love holiday letters. Oddly, I see that I actually reposted about this in 2010, encouraging a reread two years after I first posted it. Now it's two years further on and I'm doing it again. I think this must be one of my favorite posts. It includes everything—pantheism, dogs (specifically the girls), holiday letters, and Moose Munch.

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful holiday that is deeply meaningful in the faith of his or her choice. If you're a pantheist like me we'll probably see each other in the park (even with the snow) checking out the pigeons and the squirrels.

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    I am a Taoist but I do what is expected at this time of year. It makes people happy. I always hated Xmas letters because the bragging always made me feel like my family wasn’t good enough or bright enough,etc. This year I got a short one from a sisterinlaw that was nice and informative. First one I liked.
    Are those bear tracks on the bottom of the Santa card? Your pantheism is showing:)))

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    Molly, what about making yourself happy? It seems to me when it comes to personal beliefs as important as religious beliefs as long as ones beliefs don’t disrespect or hurt others one shouldn’t worry about expressing them, and certainly not go along with others to make them happy.

    But that’s just me. People around me would probably love it if I started doing what was expected, just to make them happy.

    Of course if I started doing that it would be totally unexpected and they would all bug out. (Now that might make me happy.)

    I don’t really see that the statements about family members’ accomplishments in holiday letters are bragging, though I suppose that could be an interpretation. I always just thought of the people writing as so excited that someone in their family did something noteworthy that they had to share it and I thought this was the perfect time and vehicle in which to do it. It’s not like they can go to parties and say this stuff over and over, or elsewhere even, after awhile that would be bragging.

    It just always seemed to me that holiday letters gave people a “pass” to extoll the virtues of their family members.

    It is so wonderfully telling what is thought important enough to be told.

    Their comments always make me feel good—that families love what their members do and want to share them. I think that’s a good thing.

    And as to that card, yes there is indeed a bear tracking Santa. Because a large jolly man in a stretch lycra, furtrimmed suit has got to be a target in the woods.

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