Urban Turkeys

November 2, 2012

Above: Memory drawing of one of "my" turkeys. (Approx. 7 x 9 inch pages in a Magnani Annigoni Designo paper book I made. The paper color (tan) can be seen in the bottom right corner)

The turkeys are still coming around. There are only two now. Because one is the crazy one, challenged and unable to do simple things like walk through an open gate, I believe the mother has left the two young ones (they were all close in size and these two are the same size). I hope that's the case, and not that one has died.

I live in a small neighborhood of houses and duplexes called the student ghetto when I was in school—because it is close to the University. We are a block and a half from the Mississippi River. I think the turkeys came up the gorge banks, jumped the low stone wall and decided to explore. They found yards that were just perfect for their needs and stayed. It has been great fun to see them.

It is even more fun to come out of the door, pushing my bike, and be 2 feet away from 3 turkeys sitting on the railing of our handicap ramp.

Memory Drawings: I'll have more to say about this at some point. I started doing these last February when I took a memory drawing class. If it's birds I try to do something a little more complete, but mostly I've found my memory sucks and I really need something in front of me to sketch. I fiddled around with the paint enough on this one that I actually like it—but most of my memory drawings are small thumbnail sketches in which I work on values.

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    Love everything about this page Roz. We have a family of turkeys that walk through as well. Wonderful to have wild things about.

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    Thanks for the kind words Elizabeth. It’s like having raptors in the yard. I love it.

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    Did you have a better visual memory before the Bump on your Head? I don’t seem to have any, and your discussion of it (mostly previously) has made me consider this questions in a way that had never occurred to me before. Drawing from memory feels very different to me than just having a visual image of a scene and I’ve had to consider why that is.

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    Yes. When you say you don’t seem to have any is that related to a bump you might have had (I don’t remember details much about any one who isn’t in my family since the bump so I apologize if you’ve written to me at great detail about this) OR did you never try to use your memory for drawing? There are specific exercises that many people recommend. You might want to look at and follow some of the suggestions he has for daily memory drawing exercises. If you have never had it it may simply be that you had yet to develop it. If you had it and lost it I hope that you can work to recover it.

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    Thanks for the book advice. I’m ordering that – it looks great!!! I didn’t have a conk on the head, or any other problem I know of. I just have realized my brain works a way that I didn’t realize. I’ve learned two sign languages and have always tested well on things visual, but when you first started talking about taking a class to work on your visual memory, I read some descriptions of what you were doing and realized I NEVER draw from memory and have really struggled since then whenever I’ve tried. I just started sketching a little less than two years ago, and so it’s a new way of thinking about how I process and think and see. I find it very interesting to stretch my brain. Your discussions of how you approach what you are working on always seem to provoke a fresh perspective (probably because it’s still new to me). Thanks again for the rec. I just wondered if I remembered correctly that this was one of the things that changed for you after your conk on your head.

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    LizzieBo the conk on the head pretty much changed everything and I had to test out the plastic nature of the brain everyone talks about. I have some other examples of what we did in memory class that I’ve been meaning to post for months, but no time to write the posts on them, which require a bit of thought. Someday…

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