Scavenging for Graphics: A Seasonal Offering

November 21, 2012

Above: Turkeys and a couple Pilgrims, placed on the same shelf with an eraser that uses a profile of a Native American for advertising branding.

Today's "Scravenging for Graphics" is perhaps more "decorative arts" than graphics, yet the stylistic approach always tells us something about the time in which they were created, and something about the attitudes of that time, and ultimately something about the collector (though in this case not enough without additional questions answered).

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I think it's a good time to think about all these issues. Graphics have the power to enlighten, to inspire, but also to marginalize, dismiss, monetize, and perpetuate ideas and stereotypes.

What today are we accepting when we respond to the graphics and marketing of the consumables or decorative pieces we use today? What does our consumption say of our sense of life?


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