Remember To Vote on Tuesday. Be on the Right Side of History!

November 5, 2012

Above: "Vote No" fans that I got at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair—where everything comes on a stick.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6, 2012 is voting day. There are a lot of important things to vote on—the President of the United States for one.

But there is also a very important issue up for the vote in Minnesota right now. An amendment to the state constitution to LIMIT the right to marry is up for the vote.

Look, there are only two things I have believed in all my life, or hoped for.

One was that I would be living on the moon by this time.

The second was that in my life time all people would have all the rights I get to take for granted. (I'm not naive, I'm a hopeful sort, and I always thought everyone would see the sense.) 

I'm not going to the moon any time soon. That dream has died.

And I realize there is much to do before I get to dance the hokey pokey at the weddings of my gay friends.

But if this amendment passes it's going to be a lot longer before I do any dancing. We'll have to work to repeal it, when instead I could be practicing my wild, crazy, crowd-pleasing steps (to quote from "Strictly Ballroom").

Please go and vote tomorrow.

VOTE NO on the Marriage Amendment. Don't limit the freedom to marry.

Be on the right side of history!

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