More Waiting Room Sketches

November 30, 2012

Above: Waiting room sketches. See below for details.

Lately I've been having some shoulder "issues" so I go out with as light a bag as possible, often just a couple pieces of paper and a pen in my pocket! On this day I had some sheets of Folio torn to less than 6 x 8 inches. They were perfect for making quick sketches and on one I added some watercolor. When I got home later that day I glued them into my then current journal.

Don't give up sketching because you've got injuries! And if you have injuries, be sensible and carry less. You can still sketch. Think of the big picture—journaling the rest of your life.

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    Roz: sending you good thoughts for a fast heal! I also have an issue with carrying stuff, and have gotten into the head of having ONLY ONE PENCIL CASE the size of 1/2 a SUBWAY sandwich! In my vest pocket! So freeing.

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    Ellen, thanks for the kind thoughts, there’s no fast heal for this particular injury though—it’s something I have to keep on top of with physical therapy exercises and smart carrying (i.e., light loads), and even care when I take my sports bra on and off (brother is that thing sealed to my body or what!) I’m fine as long as I remember ALL THAT and the moment I deviate and let my guard down it’s all back and I’m back to square one—actually about square 3, there has been some overall progress over the years, but considering this first started almost exactly 10 years ago just after Dot died (in part the weakness crept in because I wasn’t walking her 4 hours a day and strengthening that arm with other dog-related activities) I’m not paying enough attention!

    I hope you take care of yourself and learn from my bad example!

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