A New Page on Roz Wound Up: Gouache Compendium

November 26, 2012

For folks who attended my free gouache demo tonight at Wet Paint and for anyone interested in finding a selection of posts about gouache—a place to start, since I write about it so much—I have created a page on this blog called, "Gouache Compendium." 

You will find the pages in a list in the left-hand column of the blog. The pages are listed alphabetically. You can also click on the title in the previous paragraph.

This was my way to consolidate information about the colors of Schmincke paint that I use, the brushes, and some of the most frequently asked about tips I give to people—in case I didn't remember to discuss them or in case I did remember to discuss them and people wanted to find the information again.

I want to thank Wet Paint for turning me loose on the unsuspecting painting public. I do want everyone to try gouache and they've been helpful in letting me spread the word.

And thank you also to all the people who came tonight and stood so patiently while I rattled on about my favorite medium. I appreciate your interest and patience. I hope that you got a sense of how versatile gouache is and that you will give it a go.


    • Dana
    • November 27, 2012

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Roz! The link you’ve created is wonderful, especially how to actually work with the gouache. I finally splurged on one of your sets and plan on playing in 2013. (They’re waiting to send ’till one of the backordered items comes in… should be any day now.) The trick will be to wait until I have the time to focus.

    I thought of all of you last evening at dinner and imagined how wonderful it must have been to watch you paint. The 1300-some miles between here and St. Paul never seemed farther. You really are a gouache evangelist!

    • Dana
    • November 27, 2012

    Update! …just got a tracking number… gouache on the way!

  1. Reply

    Dana, glad you’re going to give gouache a try! I hope you enjoy it. I hope you get to jump right in when it arrives. That’s always fun.

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