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More Waiting Room Sketches

See the full post for details.


Working with the Stabilo All Sketching People

Left: TV actor sketched with Stabilo All, used dry and then rubbed with my finger. I've written about using the Stabilo All several times. It's a watersoluble wax pencil. This time I used it dry and smeared it with my finger.


More People Sketches

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Koh-I-Nor Tricolor Pencil Sets

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A New Page on Roz Wound Up: Gouache Compendium

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Classes for 2013 Are Being Set Up…

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Gouache Compendium: Notes from Roz Wound Up Posts to Accompany My Gouache Demo

Above: Pen and gouache on non-receptive paper in a Moleskine Sketchbook. (I had this piece at my demo.) Even on non-receptive paper you can have a lot of fun with gouache, whether it’s filling in facial details or scribbling in a background color. On Monday, November 26, 2012 I gave a 2-hour free demo at […]


Don’t Forget the Free Gouache Demo on Monday, November 26, 2012

Above: Sketch of competitor on Survivor—pen and gouache on Gutenberg paper in a 6 x 8 inch handmade journal. Monday, November 26 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. I'll be doing a free gouache demo at Wet Paint on Grand Ave. in St. Paul. I'll begin at 5:30 demonstrating some exercises I think will help you […]


Let’s End the Week with a Dog…Meet Maxwell

See the post for full details.


MCBA Visual Journal Collective’s November Meeting Wrap Up

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