Warm Up Sketches from Lakewood Cemetery

October 21, 2012


Left: First warm up sketch of the day. I'm working on an 11 x 14 inch spiral pad of sketch paper with a Faber-Castell Pitt Artist's Calligraphy pen. I was sitting at the side of the road in a foldable chair. The day before (Saturday) had been a 14-hour day for teaching—I was so tired I couldn't do math and write at the same time.

I wrote about the October 7, 2012  MetroSketchers outing at Lakewood Cemetery on UrbanSketchers—Twin Cities. I posted the small sketches I started working on after my large warm up sketches told me things weren't going to be "large" on this day. You can read about my process in determining that in that post as well. But for people who aren't on Facebook and weren't at the outing I thought you would like to see the warm-up sketches I did, before I discovered a "theme" that carried me the rest of the day.

121007CemeteryBLeft: My second warm up sketch was going to be a row of headstones and then their surroundings, but my interest was quickly taken by other things.


Right: I made one more attempt to work large, this time with the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, making gesture sketches of a lovely bronze sculpture.

By the time I finished the elk sketches I knew it was time for a change of approach. I wanted to go mobile (walk and stand and sketch, unfettered by the foldable chair) and I didn't want to hold or carry the large pad.

To see the how I spent the rest of my sketching time on this outing please go to Sketching at Lakewood Cemetery on Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities.

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    Sounds like an ultimately successful day, but I wonder if someone tired in mind and body should be drawing tombstones? A cemetary can be a meditative place, on some days. Maybe you should have finished with a sketch of the chocolate cake:))

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    Molly, I don’t know about people in general, but for me sketching in a graveyard is great. I find a graveyard is the perfect place to open yourself to wonder about life and to wondering about individuals, and to reflect upon the lives and sacrifices of others. It quickly gets me in touch with gratitude. And my own issues and tiredness don’t amount to a hill of beans.

    No cake on this day. I had a horrible sandwich at a local restaurant. (I ended up pulling the sandwich apart and eating only the meat.)

    But I was chatting with friends and that made the meal experience totally OK with me.

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