Scavenging for Graphics: Red Goose Shoes Ledger

October 3, 2012

RedGooseShoes6029Left: Ledgers promoting Red Goose Shoes.

Today's scavenged graphic is the back cover of a promotional pocket ledger from Red Goose Shoes. (It was in a locked cabinet so I have no idea if the booklet was for adult "salesman" notes or a children's writing pad.)

What is not to love. A fantastic art-nouveau styled red goose, with simple lines that totally describe bulk and substance; dramatic color combination; and a killer slogan—"They're Half the Fun of Having Feet."

If you go on eBay you can find all sorts of Red Goose Shoes paraphernalia: bright yellow and red metal weather thermometers; display bags; display figurines; cast iron banks; writing tablets, calendars; composition books; print advertisements; metal tokens; and shoe boxes. It's a cornucopia of related offerings.

Elsewhere I found this store display with free golden eggs from the 1960s.

You can read a bit of history about Red Goose Shoes from someone who still has a pair from when she was a toddler—Zaroga's Nook—My Red Goose Shoes. She says the company started selling shoes in 1869 to pioneer familes heading west!

There is more information on Red Goose Shoes here in a post by Lauren Roberts. You'll also see a 1950-1960 variation of the logo on a bookmark.

The marketing campaign and methods used were brilliantly directed at children. I just love that goose.

    • jacki long
    • October 3, 2012

    Great! Love it and the history. Thanks, Roz.

  1. Reply

    Jacki, glad you enjoyed this. I just love that Goose. If they were still around I think I would need to buy some shoes!

    • Andrew Martinez
    • October 27, 2012

    I have a pocket ledger on red goose shoes. Are they worth anything ?

  2. Reply

    Andrew, I’m sorry I’m not the person to ask, because I don’t collect them or follow any of this. I just take photos of things that interest me. However, if you click on the image to see an enlargement you’ll see that the owner of these pocket ledgers thought that $7.50 was a good price. I would check on eBay and other places that sell such things.

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