Roz Has a New Guy in Her Life

October 4, 2012

Above: First sketches with Faber-Castell Pitt Artist's Calligraphy pen. Fabriano Venezia 9 x 12 inch in-studio journal turned on its side. (Edgar is their new version of a T-Rex.)

I've never thought of myself as fickle. But how long can you sustain a relationship anyway?

Dick is taking my transfer of affections very well, considering.


Roz sits at the computer screen typing; Dick enters. Roz continues to type without looking up.


I woke up last night and couldn't hear you breathing. I almost got up to tell you and Carl to stop playing.

If anyone is to blame for this upset in domestic tranquility it would have to be Linda. She was with me when I met Carl. Actually it was her idea to go to Hub Hobby.

After a brief tour of the store she said, "I can't believe you've never been here." (Yeah, like I could go into such a store unsupervised. She knows that! She's my "Michael's Buddy.")

Then Linda went off to search for strips of metal while I wandered.

That's when I met Carl. Oh, Carl. It's always the gams that get me. (Why should "gams" always refer to women's legs? Male cyclist's thighs are wonderful! But Carl isn't a cyclist.)


Left: Jars and bags of Turf.


Minutes later I'm rushing through the store examining jars of dirt and bags of turf (and jars of turf too). I'm examining model trees and great foam molded "Star Trek" rocks, all for suitability for creating an environment for Carl. Lots of environments for Carl.

I even track down a suitably sized civilian named "O-Jack" (that's his scale) or as I like to refer to him, "Tasty Tidbit," or "TT." Someone to have adventures with Carl. (We all know where this is going.)

Right: Close up of Jars of Turf. TurfJarsClose

Linda, the pragmatist said, "Well, when I met you you were making dioramas. It's like it's gone full circle." We laughed and laughed. I was totally high on the endorphins that come with new love. 

Just before she drove away Linda rolled down the car window and called to me as I stood in the driveway with Carl (and Edgar and a pelican, sheep, and a lovely African Elephant—I told you I really can't be in these stores unsupervised).

"Tell Dick I'm sorry," she called out. We laughed again and she drove on. Linda brings a lot of laughter into my life. 

So will there be dioramas?

I don't think so. I barely have storage space for my journals—and you know where this is going too don't you? Where it was always going. I'm sketching Carl. (Gert is a little miffed. I keep them off the same shelf at night just to avoid unpleasantness.) Carl's presence already dominates my in-studio journal and my current visual journal. I'm sure some of it will show up here on the blog (heck I know it will).

And here are some other cool things I found at Hub—which I won't be purchasing. But if time and space and money (whoa, model building is an expensive avocation) weren't factors I'd be sorely tempted…

ModelCorn ModelDeciduousTrees ModelGravel








ModelDeciduousTrees ModelMarshland ModelSmallPalms ModelMountainsinajar






ModelPalmTree ModelRockMolds ModelStarTrekRocks





I also found a ton of stuff with which you could make really cool jewelry! But I was at the end of my endurance by that point. Another day.

And, no, I'm not affiliated in any way with Hub Hobby. I just thought you'd like to know this stuff is out there!

I gotta go. Carl wants to go to lunch.

    • Miss T
    • October 4, 2012

    I can’t believe you’d never been to Hub before, either! I’d better not tell you about the super geeky underground train store.

  1. Reply

    I didn’t know there was a model of a gigantosaurus. And how come my town doesn’t have a store like this? I’ve moved on from dioramas but the availability of all this stuff would be more than I could resist. I just have a bag of small critters and a bag of the neatest dinosaur heads so I’d have to get more stuff:)))

    • Linda
    • October 4, 2012

    Roz this is what I get when computer finally goes and it takes awhile to replace. This story had me laughing and smiling its a wonderful life jorney story,more:):):)Say hey to Carl,
    sorry Dick:)

  2. Reply

    Linda, glad you enjoyed this post. You’ll see more of Carl—in my 10.5.12 post today in fact, and later. But I think first encounters are often the most fun. Glad I could get you laughing! Carl is a fun guy, he’ll like that too.

  3. Reply

    Molly, I wish everyone had all the “access” that there is in the Twin Cities, but I know that’s not the case on so many levels.

    At least with the dinosaurs they are available on line.

    I have never seen a bag of dinosaur heads though! Are the heads large? could I make pendants out of them? Inquiring minds want to know!
    I love making dinosaur jewelry

    • Ken Johnson
    • October 5, 2012

    Roz, I was also going to tell you about the geeky underground train store when I saw you last night: it’s like no store I have ever been in before, it seems to go on and on for miles, and I cannot go there without someone else to keep me in line. I wish you and Carl the best. When do I get to meet him? Is he also going to the graveyard on Sunday?

  4. Reply

    Dino heads: I believe I got them at Michaels last year and there was only one bag left. They’re about 2″ long and are unusually detailed.I kept the included list of names and at the bottom was the link!!

  5. Reply

    Ken, you must shop at the same places Miss T shops! Now I absolutely have to know so I’ll quiz you on Sunday. Though we had better not go there together without someone else since you admit we have the same problem!

    I wonder if Linda knows about this mystery store and just isn’t telling me?

    I wonder what other things she isn’t telling me?

    Great fun to see you last night. Looking forward to Sunday’s sketching. Carl won’t be there (I would hate to take the chance of losing him because he isn’t replaceable; he is like no other and like a mother penguin I would be able to pick him out of a flock of giganosauruses/giganosauri?).

    But I will have to start introducing him to people or they will think he is a figment of my imagination.

  6. Reply

    Molly thanks for the link. I know this brand of dinosaurs! I will have to see if I can find some.

  7. Reply

    Molly, I see mammal skulls, and pre-historic mammal skulls, and bulk bags of “minis” and all sorts of stuff that is calling to me needing to become jewelry. I love it!

  8. Reply

    I decided to check out the site since you were finding such good stuff. I didn’t know there was that much available!! I finally found the dino skulls on page 4 of TOOBS. It’s the same toob that I have but mine are darker brown. I think they had to lighten the color to show the details. They really do make realistic stuff. If one can’t get out to nature sketch would it be kosher to use one of these as a kind of model?

  9. Reply

    Molly, if you like sketching skulls you might also check out the skulls and replica skulls available at

    I have purchased a number of things from them, whole boxes of animal skulls for my nature journaling sketch classes (because you need to have something on hand if the weather doesn’t cooperate!)

    I think sketching anything from life, even if that thing isn’t live, is fine. You’re sketching, you’re making something 3-D onto a 2-D space exercising all the parts of your brain.

    Many people aren’t interested in the subject matter, but then they can go draw something else.

    For me Toys are wonderful to sketch and the realistic ones help prep me for my lifedrawing at zoos and fairs and such. And it’s also more interesting to me to sketch a replica toy than another piece of fruit (though that’s fun too.)

    So sketch away.

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