“It’s Carl Week” Still Isn’t Over

October 27, 2012

See the post for full details.

Above: Faber-Castell Pitt Artist's Calligraphy Pen sketch of Carl in a 7 x 9 inch handbound journal I made with Annigoni Designo paper, with gouache.  

It's true, Carl is a bit of a klutz.

Don't know who Carl is? You can check this link for his first appearance here. Or you can click on "Carl" in the category list in the left column.

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    You have to concede that a city is no place for a gigantosaurus. I’m surprised that Animal Control hasn’t shown up. He shouldn’t have immunity just because he talks. He needs to go to wide open spaces where he can swing that tail without disaster. Also, junk food will cause problems.

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    Carl rocks.Plain and simple.

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    It’s the short forearms. It throws his perspective off. That and his impulsive nature perhaps? Frederick is not as impulsive, but very clumsy nonetheless. Carl week has been a delight – thanks.

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    Thanks Ellen, he’s a lot of fun.

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    LizzieBo. Naw, he’s used to having short arms. I think it’s his impulsive nature. Glad you’re enjoying Carl. Don’t miss Sunday it’s my favorite! And Monday is pretty fun too. I have another that I’ll post sometime in the future that is, let’s just say “furtive.”

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    Hmmm. Carl doesn’t eat junk food. He just has a normal top of the food chain carnivore diet.

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