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October 6, 2012

Above: The Soda display at Frattallones Ace Hardware on Grand Ave. The images that follow don't really need any captions.

SodaB2580I'm not connected to Frattallones Ace Hardware in any way except that when I go to Wet Paint, which is right across the street, I typically stop in and get a Tootsie Pop. (OK I get two Tootsie Pops, what's your point!?)

Well the other day I was picking up some stuff at Wet Paint for a bookbinding class I'm teaching. I had a to also get twine and thought I'll just run across the street and get twine at the Ace (which is how I think of it) and when I did I not only found the twine but the wax paper and plastic plates (for glue) that I also needed. It was as if I would think of something, ask if they had it and they magically they would have it. 


So I ended up doing all my shopping (which was going to take 3 more stores) right here. And got out in record time. (Sadly without any soda—but I had to take photos so I could share them with Dick so we could decide what to buy in the future. I only drink soda when I go out to eat, and then not always. But sometimes I really do crave an orange soda and there are several right on these shelves I'm looking forward to trying out.)

SidaD2578I thought you might enjoy seeing all these sodas, knowing that they exist, knowing where you can get them, and because I am a scavenger of graphics, knowing where you can find some really interesting bottle labels!













If you have ever had any of these sodas and want to offer recommendations let me know. I'm rather attracted to the Shirley Temple soda because when I go to a really "fancy restaurant" I always have a Shirley Temple. (Sometimes I get so high from the sugar I ask for "Another non-alcoholic Shirley Temple." Who says teetotalers don't have interesting lives?!)

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    So glad you decided to report on these fun sodas! I don’t typically drink soda anymore, either, but as you stated, I do love an orange soda! (Of course, because it’s orange and also because it’s yummy).
    I have also been thinking about Shirley Temples lately, as I am pregnant and not drinking alcohol.
    All in all, I really enjoyed this post, Roz!

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    Briana, I’m glad you enjoyed hearing that there were such offerings out there. Something to keep in mind, whether or not you’re pregnant—some bartenders can make the most amazing fruit drinks without any alcohol. I typically throw myself on their mercy, or rather creative judgement, and have often been very pleasantly surprised. But you have to be at a restaurant where they make fancy alcohol drinks so that they have the raw materials on hand.

    My favorite orange soda is still the Sioux City Orange Cream, but I can hardly ever find it.

    Kowalski’s has another orange cream that is very nice. I don’t remember the name however, just that I think the bottle has a man’s picture on it. I’ll look out for it if I can remember (I tend to stay out of the aisle!). Karen E. got some for me one day when she knew I was coming over for dinner. It’s excellent as well.

    Hope all is going well.

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    I see there’s Saranac, there, do they also have Johnnie Ryan? That’s a line of cane sugar sodas out of Niagara Falls (the NY side) –they make my favorite orange soda.

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    The Shirley Temple Soda was way too cloyingly sweet for my taste. Cock and Bull Ginger Beer, on the other hand, is awesome.

    • Margo
    • October 8, 2012

    I love cock and bull ginger beer, totally saturated with ginger, and perfect for a dark and stormy.

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    Mercy, I don’t remember seeing any Johnnie Ryan but I will look out for it when I return. Thanks for the tip!

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    Lisa, thanks for the warning about the ST Soda. I’ll go with one bottle to taste. I have a friend who loves ginger ales and makes her own and I’ll tell her about the ginger beer.

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    Margo thanks for the heads up about the Cock and Bull Ginger Beer. I have a friend who loves ginger ales and I had intended to tell her about this, but now that there have been two votes for it I might just pick some up and take it over to her!

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