Comics Sketchbooks—a Great Look inside Talented Minds

October 20, 2012

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Left: cover of the book reviewed in this post.

I love looking at journals and sketchbooks of artists—love seeing how they work out creative approaches to a character or composition. If you enjoy this too you'll love Comics Sketchbooks: The Private World of Today's Most Creative Talents," edited by Steven Heller

I found this book while browsing at "Common Good Books" in St. Paul (just north of the corner of Snelling and Grand).

It's a large book—8 3/4 x 11 3/4 inches and the reproductions of sketchbook pages often run full page so you can see the various layers of sketching. 

"Comics" in the title blankets everything from comics to graphic novels, to animators and political illustrators to advertising artists and iconic illustrators. Some of my favorite artists are included here: Bill Plympton, Peter deSève, Drew Friedman, John Cuneo, Steve Brodner, and R. Crumb.

There are new favorites in the book—Russ Braun's exquisite pencil drawings make me want to run out and find the comics he's illustrated. 

The book is filled with a variety of styles and approaches from very rough doodles and concept scribbbles to more painterly approaches. There are stylized figures and realistically rendered figures. Some approaches use digital techniques, most approach drawing with a pencil, pen, a marker, and some watercolor.

In other words there is simply something for everyone who loves drawing in this book. I have had the book or a couple weeks and I still haven't made my way through it all.

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    Oops Roz, your link goes to the fur pencils on the Derwent site.

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