Update on Jake Winkle Review Posted Yesterday

September 18, 2012

See the post for full details.

If the above video doesn't work view it on YouTube.

I was right it is fun to watch him paint!

Last night at the MCBA Visual Journal Collective meeting member Thomas Winterstein gave us the heads up that there were trailers of Jake Winkle's DVD on Youtube.

(Yesterday I wrote that I couldn't recommend his book except for the images, but suggested his advertised DVD, listed at the back of the book, might be worth a look because he can obviously paint.)

The short 2 minute video I found thanks to Thomas makes me totally excited and eager to see Winkle's full DVD. There's enthusiasm in his voice and his brushstrokes are fun to watch. Check out the video trailers.

Here's another short taste of his approach to watercolor.

If you like the trailers I recommend you skip his book and go right to the DVD!

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    The videos were fun to watch, but my back hurt to see him stand, bending over his canvas. I’d love to have the light in his studio. His colors are a bit muddy but I don’t think he’s too careful about his kit. It looked like he never rinsed his brush:)))

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    His POOR BACK… I’m with Molly…pained me to watch him bending over…. His flowers painting reminded me a bit of Charles Reid splashing paint about, making it look easy as pie… if only that were true.

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    Molly, I don’t think his colors looked muddy at all. Looked like jeweltones. That’s one of the things that appeals to me about his paintings, the vibrant bright color. If you mean on the palette (and I saw it this a.m. and already have forgotten if he showed his palette and what it looked like) I really don’t care about that as my paints on my palette are messy too. As long as I can get the color I want I don’t really care what the palette looks like. As to the brush—well we’re only seeing a small segment.

    I gather you are a very precise painter with a very neat paint box so this might not be the guy for you. And that’s good to know.

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    Capt. Elaine, seriously, now I’m going to have to go and watch all over again because I stand all the time when I paint and both you and Molly are horrified watching him. I guess I was just lulled by his voice and fun brushwork!

    He does make it look easy. That’s what I think is fun, his ease.

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    That was so fun, thanks for giving us a glimpse of his work. I enjoyed the little bit he shared and I’d love to hear more. I have to say, I always enjoy the little bits I’ve seen of you work too. Hope there is more of that in the future. I just appreciate all you offer on this website for those of us not able to get a class in person!

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    Thanks Lizzie Bo. I hope to be doing more little videos in the future. We actually taped a couple things at last night’s Collective meeting that are pretty funny, but I have to convert them because the new camera doesn’t save the same type of files.

    • Cate
    • September 22, 2012

    I’ve been struggling with watercolour for years but have recently started trying this approach almost out of desperation, without knowing what it’s called. It has definitely freed up the way I use paint, so now if I can only master the way he manipulates that brush for all those lovely marks and textures—wow! Great video, Roz. His fold-out palette caught my eye—wonder what it’s called and where to get one?

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    Cate, in his book he has a photo of this palette and he calls it his Craig Young Palette.

    If you go to this url
    You’ll see the box, it’s called “The Paintbox” and says it resembles the old Roberson box and it measures 5.5 x 3.75 inches.

    I admit I would like one as well because the wells are deep enough to make some really big washes!

    But 12 oz. empty seems awfully heavy.

    If you get one let me know how it works in your field tests!


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