Scavenging for Graphics: Cocoanut Can

September 12, 2012

Cocoanut6024Left: Exactly what you read on the label.

If space, time, money, and reasonableness weren't impediments I would have vast collections of stuff (OK, more collections of stuff.)

Since I've seen the need for downsizing before someone else has to do it for me (when I'm elderly) I've been reining myself in. Now when I see things that I love I'm taking a photo. It's quite satisfying.

Why not sketch the item you ask? Well, often I do sketch such items, but for this "collection" which takes virtually no space digitally, I'm collecting photos because it is the exactness of the graphics which intrigues me. I don't want to run their purity through the filter of my eye and hand. And to do so would take more time than I typically have when I'm on these scouting expeditions.

Let's just say I manage my time so that if I come across any cool taxidermy I have the time to sketch the taxidermy instead.

What attracts me to these items? I love the typographical treatments; the mix of type with pattern; the use of color. Pretty much everything intrigues me about "antique" graphics. I see them as little bits of art that people once lived with every day. I see these as reminders that my cupboard is filled with "current" examples—many of which I hate because when it comes right down to it I love 19th century typography.

Objects like this also fascinate me because they are often crafted to be reused, and because of that they survived. 

But the very ephemeral nature of other objects and their graphical content also intrigue me. As I said above, stuff attracts me. It's good to have a hobby.

There will be more "Scavenging for Graphics" from time to time.

    • Christina Trevino.
    • September 12, 2012

    I do love old stuff also…boxes, cigar boxes! Old books.

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    Old containers do have more aesthetics than modern ones. (another sign of entropy?) My main interest is what was inside. The stuff our ancestors ingested!!! The cure-alls!!!

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    I still have this can, discovered in deep cleaning of spice cabinet. I was interested in the rust on the top in this photo, but now I see that I must take another one to show the graphics! LOVE your blog; awestruck how you can post so much great and varied stuff! June

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    Christina, I love old books too but alas my allergies keep me from collecting them. I look them over and have to move on.

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    Molly there are some modern products that have lovely design details and features so I can’t see this as a sign of entropy. I see it more that we need more designers with a good sense of design.

    I think the patent medicine bottles are some of the most interesting designs! I’m glad we’ve moved beyond ingesting all that stuff however!

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    June, send me a note as soon as you post the graphical view! I love the patina on top too, but I can see there is some interesting stuff happening on the can and I am dying to see it!!! Send word!

    As to posting such varied stuff—I have always been a crow. We are attracted not only to bright sparklies.

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