Just a Dog—Coming to the End of a Journal

September 29, 2012

Above: Bulldog study from dog park photos—Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, light washes of gouache with a 2-inch brush and then a 1/2-inch filbert; and spatter. (7 x 9 inch handmade journal I bound using Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media paper.)

A couple days ago I posted an "eggplant spread." After painting that page spread I realized that I only had two page spreads left in my journal. I really wanted to finish the journal.

While it was too late at night to do that I knew I could work on the blank spread (the one remaining which didn't have a prepainted background) and do a bunch of dog sketches as practice for an upcoming project. But once I focused in on some bulldog photos it became just a full page spread on one dog, not a smattering of many. I used Schmincke gouache already put out on the palette, dried and reconstituted: cadmium orange, cobalt blue, titanium yellow ochre. All the white in this image is paper color.

Then, my desire to move paint around somewhat assuaged, I went to bed.

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    I’ve never really cared for bulldogs, but you make them so appealing. Your own feelings come through the art.

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    Molly, it is very rare that I meet a dog I don’t like. I am not thrilled about the hunting breeds because they have floppy ears and a body type that doesn’t thrill me. But some of my best friends have been from those categories. I in general prefer prick ears and a tail but corgies without tails are adored by me. In the years after the girls passed away I knew for a host of reasons I couldn’t get another Malamute and so my eyes have looked around and found an outlandish host of small dogs of all shapes and sizes who are adorable (often gaseous) and always fun to sketch.

    But then I don’t have to live with them.

    Emma was majestic and beautiful. Dottie was stunningly beautiful and cute (something that is very difficult to pull off).

    SInce I’ve had all that I’m free to look for what is more quirky. And there is a lot of it around.

    The other day while my friend was driving us back from an event I said, “Oh, a Boston” (one was being walked down the street), and she asked, “Should I pull over?” (My friends are very accommodating!) I sighed and said no, “The owner will think I’m a crazy person running after her.” And so we drove on laughing. REALLY REALLY HARD because that person would have been right. I am a crazy person.

    Dogs in general are appealing!

    Thanks for writing.

    • Zom
    • September 30, 2012

    You are the Best at drawing dogs. Another wonderful drawing.

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    I don’t know about that Zom, but thank you. I sure do love drawing them. I’ve just been arranging some dog-time in the upcoming weeks so I can do more finished paintings. I’m very excited! Thanks for writing.

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