Journal Exchange Update from August—Lots of Toy Talk

September 14, 2012

Above: My page spread from Jean Shannon's journal—which has a topic of "Toys." The subjects were sketched from life with a Pentel Aquash Brush Pen with Light Black Ink and gouache. The text was written with a Staedtler Pigment Liner.

The four of us exchanging the journals we made with Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media paper are still exchanging. This is the page spread I did before our August meeting change over.

Jean Shannon's journal had "Toys" as her theme, and I had "put a bird on it" as the running theme for my participation throughout the project. Naturally Gert came out to play. 

For instructions and restrictions Jean simply said she wanted something on the "Toy" theme, and she wanted the journal to remain flat (i.e., not have 3-D inclusions). For someone like me with a huge collection of life-like toys for "life-model" sketching it was a no-brainer. (You might also want to check out this post and "Meet Martin Frobisher" who joined the clan after the first toy collection post ran.)

That dapper chipmunk on the left is Frank. He's actually life size and quite wonderful. I got him at the Bell Museum shop, where you can find his cousins. Everyone who meets Frank agrees that he is "too cute." (Which is unusual for me as I don't typically warm to "cute." Dottie of course being the major exception in my life.)

You can read how 30 of us each made a book of this style with this paper in May at the MCBA Visual Journal Collective meeting here—and see the group in action and the finished books.

You can read about how I started my journal for this exchange (and see my title page and opening page spread) here.

Here's my "Obscure Tokens" offering in another journal.

And by the time this post goes live I hope to have finished my entry in the "Mermaid" journal. I'll post that soon. I'm using "glitter glue" per the request of that journal's owner. And of course I'm putting a bird on my spread!

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    Did you ever write up the instructions for these books? Your picture of your hand written instructions… the last steps were cut off 😮 I’d love to be able to make one of these journals.

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    Gert looks like she is performing at an open mike night! GREAT EYECANDY!

    • Dana
    • September 14, 2012

    Wow! Frank’s cousin lives with me! S/He doesn’t have a name though… guess I should remedy that.

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    Capt. Elaine: I used to teach a class with a bunch of simple structures like this but enrollment kept falling off over time because people wanted to learn more involved structures. It might also be because most bookbinding books, if they cover simple structures, have some version of this type of book—you might want to check on your bookshelf and see if you already have instructions waiting for you to call upon on your own shelf.

    This is one of the structures I’m turning into a short on-line class next year, with video and such, to see if there is interest in online binding/journaling classes, so keep checking the “classes” category of the blog next year. Probably in the spring. Thanks for asking.

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    Ellen, it wasn’t what I was going for but COOL. I’ll take it. She is quite the comedian (comedienne I suppose). Thanks for writing in.

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    Dana, Another of Frank’s cousins lives here in St. Paul with a friend of mine. That gives me an idea. Get friends together who have the same subject and do exchanges with them! Then you can see everyone’s take on the modeling subject.

    Frank was almost the subject of my 2012 fake journal, but the plan I had for him was too time intensive for each day and this year I had very little time for IFJM.

    I hope your cousin of Frank gets a name today!

    • Dana
    • September 15, 2012

    I guess I’ve always thought my chippy was a she! Françoise?

    She’s the star of my very first – made by me – hardcover book… my “Project July”! …she, and a favorite quote.

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    Dana, year for your hardcover book, Project July, and Françoise! That’s a lovely drawing. I love it. Thank you for sending it along.

    (in our house though the word chippy is used in a less than complimentary way—usually about silly young women on the bike path who don’t know how to ride [and I’m being sarcastic about them], but technically for sexually promiscuous women—just a heads up; though I don’t know Françoise, so perhaps she is all that? No, she’s got to be smarter.)

    • Dana
    • September 16, 2012

    Note taken! … now I have to look it up. I wonder about the derivation.

    Now about Françoise… can we infer her status by counting the vast number of chipmunks in my yard? No, she’s strictly indoors!

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    Dana, you can look it up in the Urban Dictionary which is a useful online dictionary of, well urban slang. Chippy has several meanings listed there, including the one we use.

    I’m glad to know that Françoise is above all this. I am also thrilled to know you have a bunch of chipmunks in your yard—aren’t they the cutest!???? We have bunnies, squirrels, a red-tailed hawk, 3 turkeys, a bunch of alley cats that wander through and also eat the baby bunnies; a groundhog who sunbathes in our yard but thankfully lives in the neighbor’s yard (so our foundation is OK); but no chipmunks!!!

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