Another View from a Waiting Room Window

September 23, 2012

Above: Another view out a waiting room window.

The above sketch was made on a scrap of paper (Gutenberg) while I was out and about. I glued it into my journal (which was left at home because I'm sparing my shoulder the stress of carrying heaving bags). The journal is a 7 x 9 inch book I made with Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Paper. I cropped the page because you can get a larger view if I don't show you the blank half page below. (From this you can tell the scrap is about 4.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide.)

Most important you can see a little bird on a weed in the middle of that green shrubbery in the front. 

I was sketching with a Staedtler Pigment Liner and painting with light washes of Schmincke gouache and a Niji waterbrush.

Whenever no one is in the waiting room, or they are too close for me to sketch, the window views, regardless of how many times I've sketched them, make the time speed by. Each time I see a new detail. Each time my eye learns something.

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    I like the little details of life like the garage door being open.

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    Thanks Mary, I like that open door too. I also like the way each time I draw this scene the flower beds change a bit because of the passage of time and change of vegetation.

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    Hum… a waiting room in a neighborhood. The house across the street looks very much like the houses in my neighborhood… a pleasant view while waiting, and sketching in waiting rooms does keep my blood pressure range normal…and added benefit.

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    Capt. Elaine, while the house is cute, and well-maintained and I’m sure it’s pleasant inside, it’s not in much of a neighborhood, or rather, all the neighborhood that there is is on THAT side of the street. Their view is of a large complex that is a Chiropractic University (something I don’t do) and the natural health clinic.

    So it is definitely a pleasant view for ME, but for them, not so much. The road, while not wide, that runs between them, is also quite busy. It is not a street I would ever buy a house on.

    My blood pressure is pretty much always low, low, low. They often have to recheck it. I’m glad, because I get a pass on all the salt I eat!

    But sketching in such situations helps me pass the time in a way that is more mentally engaging than reading magazines provided, or reading a book I might have lugged around—just to read a paragraph. I’d rather sketch. Usually too, there are people in this waiting room. A vast variety of people. And there are students in the college walking all around outside the windows and in the glass-walled hallway.

    Lots to sketch here!

    Thanks for reading and writing in! I hope you got some sketching in today!

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