When Everything Is Going Badly, Just Draw

August 8, 2012

See the post for details.

Above: Page spread from my in-studio Fabriano Venezia 9 x 12 inch journal. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen sketch with gouache washes. (The panel on the left page was masked with torn drafting tape.) Click on the image to view an enlargement and read the text.

Sometimes there is a perfect storm of events and our bodies just can't take it. July 2012 was one of those times for me. A domino cascade of failing body parts.

But no matter what happens I find it always helps to pick up the pen and draw. 

    • Louise
    • August 8, 2012

    Hi Roz, Very sorry about the pain you are experiencing. I’m posting this link here instead of emailing you in case it could be of help to others. You might find some helpful info in the menu on the left side of the home page. The page on ‘inflammation’ is especially important.

    Here is another link to an article written by integrative podiatrist, Dr. Robert Kornfeld, DPM. “Feet”? you say! ‘Can’t Louise read?’

    The point of the article is how to treat PF naturally and in doing so address accute inflammation. The protocol he discusses can apply across the board to all inflammatory and degererative conditions. What Dr. K stresses is that these painful conditions are really ‘whole body’ conditions. In order to heal something specific which appears to be localized, we must address the entire body. I know this approach works. Regular docs address symptoms and do not address underlying causes. I can’t stress enough the importance of what we eat in dealing with any area of inflammation.

    Wobenzym N is a digestive enzyme supplement. You can find lots of info about it online. It’s very helpful in dealing with inflammation resulting from undigested proteins and other food that makes it’s way into the blood stream, triggers a weakened immune system, and sets off a localized inflammatory reaction.

    You are displaying your usual courage and determination to continue working through the pain and posting on your blog. May you find relief very soon…..


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    Roz: wishing you relief soon! I believe in the power of good intention and am sending some major ones your way. Drawing has saved many of us in hard times and I hope this is not your sketching hand! I think chocolate has very strong medicinal value: you need some of that incredible chocolate cake you have told us about….maybe 3x a day. A good Rx for healing!


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    Thanks Louise. I’ll look into the links you sent. I know it’s a whole body thing, precipitated by the stress of Phyllis going into the nursing home. I have developed a nervous tic below my left eye!

    I have a great physical therapist who also believes in the whole body thing. When something acute happens it just throws you off your game.

    You’re kind to say that I’m displaying my usual courage and determination…but the thing is, I live in a household where you do your workout unless you lose a limb or have a gaping wound. So it doesn’t take any courage, it’s just habit. A habit I consciously fostered so I wouldn’t have to think twice when all this stuff started to happen, because you know life always intrudes.

    It has been a tough month and I’m not out of the woods. I have a lot of additional exercises to work into the schedule. Phyllis is stronger and she and CR are probably going into assisted living which will be a huge relief (and they will be closer).

    Thanks again for your kind thoughts.

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    Ellen, thank you for your kind thoughts. I have actually had alternating problems with my hands, but on this day it was not my sketching hand.

    Believe me I am completely convinced of the medicinal value of chocolate.

    Sadly I don’t live close enough to Cafe Latte to fill your prescription (entirely sensible) of 3 x a day, but I did have cake 1xweek through July, always accompanied by the healing presence of good friends!

    I look forward to this as an on-going therapy.

    • Karen E
    • August 8, 2012

    Well the dog is just the perfect visual for the narrative.

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    What could be worse for an artist than a problem with hands and/or eyes? I wish I had a magic wand. I’ll have to focus on healing thoughts instead.

    • Miss T
    • August 9, 2012

    I feel for you, Roz. Here’s hoping your hand is back to normal very soon!

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    Thanks Karen, that’s funny, he is isn’t he!

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    Thanks Molly for the kind thoughts. I just got back from sleeping 4 nights in a strange bed (but with my pillow) and I’m doing pretty good. Tired, regular pains rested and no new pains.

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    Thanks Miss T. This hand problem was pretty much solved by the middle of July, just in time for my back to give me fits. (Hence the failure of body parts.) But I just got back from teaching in Northfield and I’m tired, but not injured and that ‘s a good thing. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow I’m on the bike! I have a quota to fill!

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