What would I Do with a Dolly?

August 15, 2012

Dolly00162Left: I took this poorly composed photo on a recent trip to National Camera in Roseville because I wanted to show this device to friends so they could talk me out of the purchase… ( )

Sometimes silly things catch our eye. And we want them. Originally I wanted friends to talk me out of purchasing this dolly—Pico Dolly.

(Of course if the girls had still been alive I would have purchased it immediately and gone home right away to make videos.)

The more I showed it to people the more convinced I was that I should have it. Would use it. It's inexpensive ($40), but I don't want the house to be filled with inexpensive things that never get used.

Packing for a trip away to teach color theory was my focus. But now that I'm back I might have to start thinking about this again. (Brilliant display tactic to mount a fire engine red Pentax on the dolly and attract the eye—kudos. Obviously it was successful.)

Maybe after the Minnesota State Fair my thoughts will return to this little device. (It would be too crowded to take one there.)

Have you used one? Did you like it?

I should be focusing, but as I said, sometimes the eye just gets attracted, and then the brain follows. I'm happy just knowing there is a little device like this out there.

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    You need a dolly only if your travel paints and sketchbook weighs over 30 lbs:D I used a dolly when I did stained glass and sold at shows, but we made it to fit the boxes. The problem with commercial ones is that it might not fit your needs. However, if you can’t let go of this idea almost anything can be made into a planter:)))))

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    Molly, not that kind of dolly, but the kind of dolly that you put a camera on. I only carry supplies that I can carry. The point of this type of dolly (as pictured above) is that you can put the camera on it and pull it and get a long trailing shot (there’s a name for this but it has been an excruciating long day, not yet over, and I can’t think of it).

    • Catherine Hubbard
    • August 17, 2012

    It is beyond cute, no question. But I do wonder how often you would want a trailing shot for which the dolly would have a very smooth path (to avoid shaky a shot) and the shooting angle you want. I would lean toward a flexible, easily packed minitripod (like the Vanguard VS41) and, if you truly need a dolly, giving some creative thought to how you might temporarily pair it with a wagon or some other small rolling platform.

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    Catherine, those are all really great suggestions. I don’t know the minitripod of which you speak, but have seen several that are quite nice. I do have a monopod that I find useful for a lot of things.

    I think you’re comments about the frequency of use are ones I really need to consider. If the girls were here I think I would use this thing daily…but they aren’t so I won’t.

    Thanks for weighing in.


    • Catherine Hubbard
    • August 18, 2012

    Roz, what I like about this particular mini (really, I’d say micro) tripod is that the legs are flexible and hold any curved or straight position, so that you can instantly angle the camera on any surface or facing any direction. It’s also probably one of the lightest ones.

    In any case, it was fun seeing that brilliant red camera on the little moon (or Mars) walker.


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    Cat I saw one of those little tripods at the store, the one with flexible legs. Pretty cool. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

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