Fun with a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Collage

August 7, 2012

120705AbulldogLeft: Pentel Pocket Brush Pen sketch of a bulldog (working from a photograph); with 140 lb. watercolor paper collage; in a 9 x 11 inch Fabriano Venezia.

Sometimes I draw pen sketches and I don't want to paint, but I want color on the page. I've written about this before, but in case you missed it, this is what I like to do—collage around the drawing. 

I took a piece of 140 lb. watercolor paper that I had painted (and used for covering one of my journals) and cut a strip out to wrap around the image. (It doesn't cover anything on the page as the drawing didn't extend there, but this is also useful if you want to crop your drawing in some way after the fact!)

If you want to see more examples of this go to the category list in the left column of the blog and click on "Collage" and browse. Then get busy and cut up some paper!

    • August 7, 2012

    This post is very timely for me and some of my current creative endeavors! Thanks. Roz, I’ll get to work now!

    • carolbonomo
    • August 7, 2012

    Good and simple way to get excitement page (and not have to let go of Most Favored Pentel Pen). Thanks!

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    Great Liz, be sure to check out the other posts on this. There have to be 10 at least, especially at the end of 2011 when I was finishing that kraft paper book. It’s a lot of fun. Good luck with your project.

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    Yes Carol, one can’t give up the Most Favored Pentel Pen! And it is a fun way to get color on the page. In past examples, besides using papers I’ve prepainted I also use a lot of those really lovely patterned Japanese decorative papers (which are so thin they don’t add much bulk to the page, and that’s very useful. You could add some of that to your bag project!

    • anja
    • August 7, 2012

    Thank you so much!! Just yesterday I was looking through several of your posts to see how you worked some of your drawing with collage around it and I could not fing it immediately. I remembered this idea was in one of your 2011 strathmore lessons and I have applied it several times; nevertheless I wanted to see more examples, so now I now where to fing them!

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    Yes, it was in my Strathmore class, but since that isn’t available now I can’t refer people to it. I’m glad you found the other examples. There are tons of them on the blog because I do it all the time.

    • Owen
    • August 17, 2012

    Roz, the Pentel Pocket Brush pen has been a fav tool of mine since discovering it several years ago. I just love the freedom it affords and in away, that it happily imposes.

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