The Hardbound Strathmore Journals Are Available at Wet Paint Now

July 14, 2012

See the post for full details.

In May I reviewed the fabulous new line of hardbound journals from Strathmore. The papers in these books include one made with Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Paper, a gray-toned drawing paper, a tan-toned drawing paper, watercolor paper…You get the idea, great papers in a great structure.

You can see my post and examples at the link listed.

Many of you have had difficulty finding these journals as they are just launching this line—they are arriving at more and more suppliers all the time, so my recommendation remains, call your local supplier and ask, ask, ask.

But if you absolutely can't wait please know that since Friday, July 13 they have been in Wet Paint (Darin called me to tell me they had arrived but not been put on the floor yet—but by now they have). They do mail order. (No I'm not an employee—I just spend most of my money there!)

So there's one place you can get them right now. 

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    Woohoo! Thanks, Roz! I knew you’d let us know as soon as Wet Paint had them. Looking forward to grabbing one soon.

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    Oh yeah, I have almost finished the 5×8 one and halfway thru the 8.5×11. I had my art store pre-order, so I have been at them almost two weeks now! Love It!

    • Janine
    • July 15, 2012

    Hi Roz,
    I emailed Strathmore to ask about the toned drawing papers. They very kindly sent me an adorable 4 x 6 sample pad with 10 sheets of the gray and 10 of the tan. After trying one sheet of each, I’m not as excited about working on toned paper as I thought I’d be. I’d be happy to pass this on to you to pass on to someone else, or your readers can email Strathmore directly via the website at and request their own. 🙂

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    Miss T, yep the gouache sets came in. I actually to to see the final package for the first time myself on Sunday! (Whole story about that but it’s too late/early and I won’t type it now.) While I don’t think people should spend and spend on supplies (as we’ve discussed before) I’ll just remind you there are limited sets and the price is so reduced I don’t know how they can do it. If you think you’re going to try gouache any time soon this is a great way to start in.

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    Janine, The tan and the gray paper books are really aimed at dry media and working on a toned paper takes a bit of getting used to. I can understand you’re wanting to move on to other paper.

    I love working on tanned papers and have painted on both of them (examples on my blog when I reviewed the whole series of books) but the pages will buckle with wet media as they aren’t made for wet media.

    I’m glad that you had paper samples to work from before expending time and money on a larger book when you really need to go in a different direction.

    Thanks for your kind offer to pass the sample on but I’m afraid by the time we did there would be more invested in the time and postage than the sample is worth. But people can explore the Strathmore site as you suggest.

    You don’t state whether you work with wet media or not, but if you do, or if you like to work in pen too, their Mixed Media journal is great, in this line. And it will take wet media as well. A good all round paper.

    I would also suggest that you returned to toned papers in a couple months and have another go. Sometimes it takes a couple ventures with something before it grows on us (and that’s toned papers of any brand—Nideggen is one I write about a lot, but there are tons of others I’ve written about as well, and some are specific for painting. But give it a couple more tries before you walk away from toned papers. Also spend some time looking at work the the old masters did on toned papers before you return for another try, because sometimes a look at what they’ve done gives us the inspiration to try and formulate a new vocabulary on the toned papers.

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