Project Friday: Gearing Up for the 2012 Minnesota State Fair

July 27, 2012

07Fairi32 copy
Above: Pen sketch of a ewe at the 2007 Minnesota State Fair. (The sketch is on a 7 x 5 inch journal card made of 300 lb. watercolor paper that was prepainted with acrylic ink.) To see other selected cards from that year's Minnesota State Fair Journal please click on this link.

I like to plan ahead and figured that you would too, so this week turned into Minnesota State Fair Planning Week with posts related to the Fair.

It's time to break in your new shoes, or test out whether or not the old ones are still supportive for a day of walking and sketching. It's time to increase your exercise regimen so that you build your stamina. There is still plenty of time to schedule practice sketching events of stationary animals at the Bell Museum of Natural History and follow up with practice sketching the live animals at the Como Zoo. And there is no time like the present to get all your pens and papers sorted—in case a crucial tool is missing and has to be ordered.

I've written at some length about all of these and other aspects of the Minnesota State Fair. To make it easy for you to find what I consider "essential posts" I have gathered my favorites together onto a page. The page list is located in the left column of my blog, just below the category list. So you can go to that page list and click on Minnesota State Fair Round Up. (Or click on this link.)

If you click on the category Minnesota State Fair in the category list you'll find all the pieces I've written on the Fair—which might overwhelm you, another reason I created a round up!

In the Round Up you'll find my advice on dressing, art supplies, and sketching moving animals and people. It will almost be like going to the Fair with me.  

Also check out my posts on Direct Sketching with Pen and Ink: Drawing People From Life and Direct Sketching with Pen and Ink: Drawing Birds and Aniimals from Life—Another Look. There really is no time at the Fair to erase!

So this Project Friday is about getting ready for the Fair. Think about how many times you're going to go and buy advance discount tickets. Plan your trips to coincide with the events you want to see or, most important for me, the animals you want to sketch. You'll find all the entertainment information and much more on the Minnesota State Fair Website. Read my various posts for ideas on art supplies to take and sketching tips. Do a practice sketch out for an hour or two using the materials you've decided to work with just to see how it goes. Yep, today is about getting ready, making a list, formulating a plan.

Yes, I know you can just jump in the car and go to the Fair with no planning at all, but I'm assuming that you want to have the best sketching experience possible so I've tried to suggest a couple ways you can achieve that goal. This is my favorite 10 days of the year.

It's going to be great fun.

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